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Zepp-LaRouche: Catalyze a Great Moment Into Victory

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The British Empire, which openly advocates the depopulation of the planet down to 1 billion inhabitants (of their choosing), is well aware that the global strategic situation is approaching endgame. Their trans-Atlantic financial system is on the cusp of another blowout, to the point where even the IMF is now openly warning that "large challenges loom for the global economy to prevent a second Great Depression." The British are facing an obstinate challenge from a growing "sovereignist" faction in Europe, centered on the Italian government, that—like President Donald Trump—has had it with supranational dictatorship and related globaloney. The latest British gambit to topple the Trump Administration—the Kavanaugh affair—is backfiring, as have their other similar efforts over the last two years. And there is growing clarity among the American population on the British role in everything that has gone wrong in the country over recent years.

Perhaps most important of all, is that Americans are increasingly anxious to collaborate with each other, and are saying to hell with parties and other phony divisions, to get the country back on track. Kesha Rogers’ flagship Congressional campaign is playing a critical role in this process, bringing Lyndon LaRouche’s policy proposals to the fore and showing others that it can be done, and how it can be done. The endorsements for Kesha over the last 48 hours by long-time Trump advisor Roger Stone and Virginia State Senator Richard Black are indicative of the enormous potential, both in her race and nationally, as we move into the home stretch for the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

In a discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche presented the following strategic evaluation and marching orders:

"If you really look at it, the recently released IPCC report (calling for energy, food and population cutbacks far more extreme than the Paris Climate Agreement), is the same thing as the great transformation, the decarbonization of the world economy plan called for by Commander of the British Empire John Shellnhuber, which we identified at the time as 100% a British operation. Remember that Lyndon LaRouche’s fame is based especially, if not exclusively, on the key notion which he established of the scientific correlation between Energy Flux Density and Potential Relative Population Density of the planet. So you now have an assault, which is being massively played up by the mainstream media, attempting to set goals, limitations, for reducing CO2 emission limits. This will be the death-blow to the already fragile German economy, to be sure, if these idiots go along with it. It’s also a complete declaration of war against Trump, and his announced policies of reindustrializing the United States. And for sure it’s a blast at everything which has to do with the Belt and Road Initiative, especially the effort of China and others to help overcome the underdevelopment of the developing sector.

"So we will launch a campaign against that, which will be featured, among other things, on the Schiller Institute site, where we will elicit statements of scientists we know refuting this garbage. And we will trigger opposition to it with our counter-reports, in Russia, in China, in Africa and all the countries which are the targets of this policy—which naturally includes the U.S.

"I would put this in the same category as the coup against Trump. Everything the British Empire comes up with—the Skripal case, the fake chemical weapons, now it’s climate change—it’s all an effort to stick to the old paradigm to prevent a new paradigm from coming into being. And we should absolutely blast the hell out of it.

"In this context Kesha Rogers’ campaign is absolutely important. I’m extremely happy that she got the endorsements of Roger Stone and Senator Black. We should use these to get more endorsements from other people around the country and internationally. She should continue being the spearhead, with Ron Wieczorek’s campaign in South Dakota playing an important role, to really defend the Constitution, defend everything America stands for. Because between now and Nov. 6 a lot will happen. A lot of the coup plotters could actually face their just punishment, if the documents are declassified. All of these things should be seen as part of the same absolutely crucial battle between the old paradigm and the new paradigm.

"Our New Bretton Woods campaign will also be absolutely center-stage. Many people that we speak to, in Russia, China and the United States, tell us that, given everything that is going on with the anti-China and anti-Russian campaigns, it’s completely impossible to get those countries to work together for a New Bretton Woods. That may be true if you look at the situation under static conditions. But given the fact that even the IMF is warning of a second Great Depression, think through what that means. I think that the Four Power working alliance for a New Bretton Woods is the only level of reason that will be sufficient to get the world out of this mess.

"So people should not think in terms of small, petty thinking. Either we can catapult the human race into a completely new way of thinking, or we may not make it. We have to really escalate this campaign with the idea that we can win this battle absolutely.

"In the same way that people in the U.S. are sick and tired of being pitted against each other, what that is showing is the win-win spirit, it is the New Silk Road spirit. What do you think is going on on an international scale? This is exactly what people are sick and tired of. This is why the Singapore Model in respect to North Korea functions. This is why the new relations all around the Horn of Africa are developing. This is why there is potential for the first time between Pakistan and India. That is what Xi Jinping always talks about when he talks about the community for a shared future of humanity. Or what we always called the common aims of mankind, that was our policy for decades.

"This idea of a new paradigm of overcoming these silly, petty-minded conflicts, and really devoting yourself to the common future, is the vision of where mankind should be in 500 or 1,000 years from now, or even 10,000. Because the fate of humanity is not to act like beasts. We are the creative species. And that is what we can uniquely bring into this whole discussion. We have a great moment, and we should absolutely catalyze it into victory."