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16 novembre 2015
  PM Trudeau Meets With China President Xi Jinping at G20 Meeting

25 January 2015
  Canadian Parliamentarians Still Silent On Very High-Level Control Of International Terrorism By British-Saudi Nexus

27 October 2014
  Why Does Canada Need a Glass-Steagall Bank Separation?

2 September 2014
  Canada’s Upcoming Renminbi Trading Hub: How Will It Be Used?

16 mai 2014
  La nouvelle Route de la soie et un tunnel sous le détroit de Béring : l’intention Westphalienne de la Chine

19 April 2014
  Canada to Build a Nuclear Industrial Park, Increase Cooperation, in China

31 March 2014
  Book review: Men Against the Desert

23 March 2014
  Canada’s continuing commercial-economic warfare against Brazil is part of a larger British Empire strategic warfare against BRIC bloc of nations

12 February 2014
Letter to the Members of Parliament

26 November 2013
  Will evidence-based medicine, clinical trials and panel of experts now decide who lives and who dies in Canada?

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