Water a Galactic question / L'eau une question galactique


Water Crisis / La crise de l'eau

Water Crisis / La crise de l'eau
14 June 2015
Benjamin Deniston: ’Water an unlimited resource, provided we know where it comes from’
Benjamin Deniston, a member of the LaRouchePAC Scientific Research Team, gave the following presentation at the International Schiller Institute Conference in Paris, June 13-14, 2015. So, (...)
6 May 2015
  Weekly Report: a New Paradigm for Mankind
Galactic Man: Shadow versus Principle See also: INFOGRAPHIC: The Water is there, Develop it !
1 April 2015
Memo for the Next President:
New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis
By Benjamin Deniston
benjamin.deniston@gmail.com “Right now [california] has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. (...)
5 avril 2015
Californie : une approche chinoise pour vaincre la sécheresse
Texte adapté d’une présentation orale faite le 1er avril par Ben Deniston, du Comité d’action politique de l’économiste américain Lyndon LaRouche, sur le site larouchePAC.com. Dans les discussions avec (...)
6 mai 2015
L’homme galactique : Ombre ou Principe ?
Ben Deniston Voici une transcription de l’émission internet “un nouveau paradigme pour l’humanité” du 6 mai 2015 à laquelle participaient Megan Beets, Ben Deniston et Liona Fan-Chiang de l’équipe (...)
18 April 2015
  Water for the Future
This video is a first in a series, presented by our associates from the LaRouche Political Action Committee , which demonstrates that the water to solve California’s drought crisis IS there, it (...)
8 April 2015
Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind
This week’s show we devote to the California water crisis, including the criminality of Governor Jerry Brown’s so-called environmentalist agenda, vs. real, workable solutions for restoring and (...)
1 April 2015
  Weekly Report: New Paradigm for Mankind
Today’s dicussion is a review of Benjamin Deniston’s latest paper " New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis ." Megan Beets: Hello, this is April 1, 2015. My name is Megan Beets. Welcome to (...)
6 May 2015
  End Droughts with Weather Control: Interview with Prof. Pulinets
TRANSCRIPT Benjamin Deniston: Hello, my name is Benjamin Deniston, with the LaRouche Political Action Committee Scientific Research Team, and I’m very happy to be joined today with Prof. Sergey (...)
10 July 2011
  The Cloud Mystery
Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays.
5 octobre 2014
La Chine va inverser le cours de ses fleuves
Avec le projet de transfert d’eau sud-nord, la Chine compte inverser le cours des fleuves (Solidarité&Progrès)—C’était l’un des rêves fous du Grand Timonier. « Le Sud a beaucoup d’eau, le Nord en (...)
8 April 2014
In China: South-North Middle Water Route Finished; Nation Needs Nuclear Desalination, Wastewater Treatment
(EIRNS) — The middle route of China’s huge South-to-North Water Diversion (SNWD) Project is set to start supplying water later this year, the SNWD Project Commission has announced, Beijing Review (...)

26 April 2012
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11 September 2013
Gateway to the Fusion Economy
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23 mai 2012
NAWAPA : une vue d’ensemble
La mise en œuvre du NAWAPA signifie une prise de décision audacieuse afin de solutionner les besoins à long terme de l’humanité pour les 50 prochaines années en ce qui concerne la gestion de l’eau (...)
15 September 2013
Special Report Nuclear NAWAPA XXI
Appendix 1: Energy Flux Density
The first evidence of a distinction between mankind and the apes comes with first appearance of ancient fire pits, used to control the power of fire for the betterment of the conditions of life (...)
8 June 2012
Canadian Preface to
Preface The NAWAPA XXI Special Report by Virginia-based principal author Michael Kirsch, with contributions from consultants and advisers from across North America, was written as “a proposal for (...)
6 juin 2012
Le rapport NAWAPA XXI
Nous présentons ci-dessous l’introduction, traduite en français, du rapport NAWAPA XXI, un document de 102 pages qui a été produit par notre mouvement associé aux États-Unis, le comité d’action (...)
24 November 2011
  NAWAPA 1964
The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah’s Senator Frank Moss.


14 June 2015
Benjamin Deniston: ’Water an unlimited resource, provided we know where it comes from’

6 June 2015
California Nuclear Plant Could Supply Fresh Water

30 May 2015
On peut prendre de l’eau des océans, et créer des précipitations sur les continents

15 May 2015
  Animated Infographic: Water for Life

15 mai 2015
Animation infographique : de l’eau pour la vie

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