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Lyndon LaRouche: The Science of Statecraft, The Statecraft of Science

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- Harley Schlanger, Spokesman, The LaRouche Organization
- Paul Gallagher Co-Editor, Executive Intelligence Review; former Executive Director, Fusion Energy Foundation.
- Bill Jones Washington Correspondent, EIR

TLO—Can the mutual thermonuclear annihilation of presumed adversarial nations be prevented through negotiated agreements for the joint economic development of the world’s nations?

40 years ago, a strategic initiative to end the mad descent into inevitable species extinction, both through thermonuclear war, and the just-as-destructive “post-industrial paradigm shift” of the post-John Kennedy 1960s, was adopted by the United States. This was accomplished through the work of Lyndon LaRouche, who authored that policy.

With the March 23, 1983 announcement by President Ronald Reagan of the Strategic Defense Initiative, the world took a temporary step back from the precipice of destruction. The policy had been negotiated as part of a back channel discussion by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche with interlocutors from the USSR.

Today’s strategic crisis of impending thermonuclear war with Russia is being provoked, not by the military circumstances surrounding the manufactured “Ukraine conflict,” but by the inevitable and unstoppable collapse of the bankrupt trans-Atlantic monetary system, a collapse now cannibalizing the nations of Europe and the United States itself. While it is physically impossible for Ukraine to “win” a war against Russia, just as it is physically impossible to “win” thermonuclear war, that reality will not dissuade the neoconservative psychotics that are prepared to test that proposition in both cases.

The criminal financial casino has ground to a halt, but the Anglosphere’s addicted gamblers, armed with nuclear weapons, are demanding that the game continue. Are they willing to bet everything on “a sure thing” like Ukraine, or is there another game entirely?

Whatever their game, one thing is certain. “Without the development of all nations, there can be no lasting peace on the planet.” Financial criminals gambling with the lives of everyone on Earth must be surgically removed from power, but how? Today’s discussion will explore Lyndon LaRouche’s practice of the science of statecraft, its successful application decades ago as well as today, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s “Call For An International Emergency Conference To Reorganize The Bankrupt Financial System.”