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The Committee Webletter / La lettreweb du Comité, August 12 août 2023

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Schiller Institute Online Conference September 9, 2023

SI—The world is presently undergoing changes, changes which occur only once in a thousand years : The age of colonialism, which began in the 16th Century, and has lasted almost 600 years, is coming to an end. The countries of the Global South, which represent by far the majority of mankind, are shedding the remnants of colonial suppression, as it still exists in the form of international control over their resources, unfair conditions of trade, and financial subjugation and looting by the City of London and Wall Street. ... To continue

Arrêtons le danger imminent de guerre nucléaire

Cette résolution pour la paix a été adoptée sous forme d’appel international lors de la conférence de Strasbourg... suite