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Hamas Indicate Readiness To Negotiate and Unify with PLO

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EIRNS—Key Palestinian leaders are beginning to indicate a readiness to negotiate and unify with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Hamas Politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh said on Dec. 13 that he is open to talks for ending the ongoing war and “putting the Palestinian house in order both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,” potentially leading to a “political path that secures the right of the Palestinian people to their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

This is being seen as a marked shift in policy. It is certainly possible, since Haniyeh in 2006 was the prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority, and is considered part of the nationalist faction of Hamas.

“You should follow the official stance. The official stance is that the PLO has recognized the state of Israel,” Moussa Abu Marzouk, a prominent member of Hamas’s political bureau, told Al-Monitor. According to him, “Israelis deserve rights, but not at the expense of others.”

Haniyeh indicated that Hamas was open to negotiations, but made clear, in a televised speech aired on Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV, “Any arrangement in Gaza or in the Palestinian cause without Hamas or the resistance factions is a delusion.”

He did not, however, speak of an Israeli state existing alongside the Palestinian state. Hamas openly seeks Israel’s destruction, and has vowed to carry out repeatedly deadly onslaughts such as the one on Oct. 7. [dea]