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China Opens 10 Nuclear Technology Research Facilities to International Cooperation

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EIRNS—China National Nuclear Corporation announced on March 19 that it was opening 10 of its nuclear technology facilities to international cooperation, comprised of the Huanliu-3 tokamak; the Beijing Radioactive Ion-Beam Facility (BRIF); the China Advanced Research Reactor; the Beishan Underground Research Laboratory, located 560 meters underground and used for the safe disposal of nuclear waste; and the Minjiang Test Reactor for medical isotope research.

The BRIF, the only operational, online, isotope separation, radioactive ion beam facility in Asia, can produce over 60 stable nuclear beams and 55 radioactive nuclear beams. It fills the technological gap in China’s medium-energy, high-current proton cyclotron accelerator and high-resolution isotope separator, reaching an advanced level internationally.

In February, China won the contract for building the vacuum module for the ITER reactor. The new measures will also increase the cooperation with the foreign scientists in China.

Researchers from the facility have cooperated with teams from more than 10 countries, including Russia, the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Poland, attracting many top international scientists to come to China to conduct cutting-edge research. [wcj]