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EIR Article on Tanzania’s Huge Hydro Project Published in Tanzania Online Journal

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EIRNS—The online journal Tanzania Digest has reprinted in full the EIR article, “Another Victory in Africa’s Fight for Development; Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project Ready To Go Live

EIR’s author offered the article to the Tanzanian publication, along with recommending future collaboration, after the publication had published its own article on the dam. One week later the author received the following notification: "Thank you for reaching out and sharing your article on the Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project. We appreciate your interest in collaborating with Tanzania Digest. Your insights into this significant project are indeed valuable, and we’re glad to let you know that we were interested in considering it for publication and the article has already been published.

Link to the article.

“Regarding a focus on reporting developments in Africa, we believe there is potential for fruitful cooperation between our publications. We look forward to reviewing more articles, exploring opportunities and partnership between us.” [dea]