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China and Arab States Issue Joint Statement on Gaza

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EIRNS—A joint statement on Gaza was issued by the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, which concluded its deliberations on May 30. The statement is a 21-point program for establishing peace in Gaza.

The statement noted that relevant resolutions of the United Nations must be fully and effectively implemented, and that the two sides will work together to promote an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and strive for a comprehensive, just, and lasting resolution of the Palestinian issue as soon as possible.

It said that both sides condemn Israel’s ongoing violations against the Palestinian people; denounce the violations in Rafah city, the bombing of refugee camps, and the control of the Rafah crossing.

Both sides oppose the implementation of plans, intentions, and actions to forcibly drive the Palestinian people out of their homeland, which would undermine the prospects for peace in the Middle East and exacerbate regional conflicts, said the statement.

Both sides call for the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution to achieve an immediate, comprehensive, and sustained cease-fire; halt the forced transfer of Palestinians; ensure the delivery of aid throughout the Gaza Strip; and implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions to restore normal life in Gaza. Both sides condemn the US for using its veto power to prevent Palestine from becoming a full member of the UN.

The statement notes that both China and Arab states support the International Court of Justice’s interim measures, as issued on January 26, March 28, and May 24, regarding South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel. The two sides believe that Israel should comply with relevant legal provisions, especially international humanitarian law. Both sides emphasize that Israel, as the occupying side, is responsible for the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

According to the joint statement, both China and the Arab states emphasize that peace, security, and stability in the region cannot be achieved without ending the occupation of the territories of the Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital; the occupation of the Golan Heights of Syria; and the occupation of territories of Lebanon.

The joint statement calls on the international community to take irreversible measures to promote the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, achieving a political solution based on international law and relevant international resolutions.

Both China and the Arab states reaffirm that the two-state solution is the only realistic way to resolve the Palestinian issue, and call for the prompt convening of a larger, more authoritative, and more effective international conference, to initiate an authoritative peace process based on internationally recognized principles. [wcj]

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