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Very Small Modular Reactors could meet the near future energy needs in the Canadian Arctic

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The Dunedin VSMR Reactor

(CRC)—Dunedin Energy Systems , near Orillia, Ontario, in partnership with Russia’s long-established nuclear energy company Nikiet, is proposing to meet the energy needs of remote mining communities in Canada’s Far North by replacing costly diesel fuel with a series of small nuclear power plants, reports the May issue of Report on Business magazine.

The Canadian company intends to bring on line a 6 megawatt very small modular reactor (vsmr) within 5 years. The Dunedin VSMR would be very cost advantage with a 20-year $ 0.30 cent a kilowatt-hour contract compared with today’s diesel cost in this ice-bound region of Canada of between 50 cents to $2.45 a kilowatt-hour.

Jason Unrau of ROB reports Peter Lang, the president of Dunedin as saying that Dunedin handles operation, maintenance and, when the unit is spent, will replace the entire thing—much safer, says Lang, than storing and replacing fuel on-site, not to mention dealing with waste.

The company has approached, among other localities, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, who is interested in the prototype. Here is a PowerPoint presentation by the company for the town of Inuvik. [GG]