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Letter to the Members of Parliament

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Montreal, February 12, 2014
Mr. / (Mrs.)………………………….., M.P.
House of Commons
Ottawa, Canada

Dear Member of Parliament,

Re: Request for a meeting on the situation in Ukraine
The Committee for the Republic of Canada wishes to meet with you to discuss the urgent matter of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine. According to political and military specialists from the area, this conflict has all the potential to detonate something much more deadly than a civil war: to transform itself in a tripwire for a direct superpower involvement and an increased danger of thermonuclear war!
That point was brought home today in a most dramatic fashion by Russian influentials who have issued a memorandum titled “Save Ukraine”. The memorandum appeared in the February 12 edition of the Russian weekly Zavtra. Written by experts for the Izborsk Club,[1] Russia’s new policy-shaping group, an influential intellectual group accorded prominence by President Vladimir Putin in recent months, the statement defines a “fascist and Nazi creeping coup” in Ukraine as a strategic threat to the Russian Federation. While holding the United States and the EU responsible for the regime-change project in Ukraine, the memorandum calls for summoning the USA to crisis-avoidance consultations under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum [2] on Ukraine’s sovereignty or, if Budapest Memorandum signers Ukraine or Britain refuse such a conference, undertaking emergency Russian-American diplomacy based on the precedent of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis—when the world went to the brink of nuclear war.

Several of the evaluations and ideas in the memorandum coincide with last week’s interviews and articles by Presidential advisor Academician Sergei Glazyev and retired Gen. Leonid Ivashov, [3] who are Izborsk Club participants and were among the co-authors of the club’s early 2013 military strategic white paper (see "U.S. Moves toward Nuclear First Strike Capability," EIR, March 15, 2013). [4]

The "Save Ukraine!" memorandum states that the situation in that country "is approaching a boundary limit, beyond which lies the danger of Ukraine’s going fascist." This development leads, it continues, toward "transformation of Ukraine from a non-aligned, neutral and non-nuclear state into a new ’hot spot’ for Europe and the entire world, and into a hotbed of instability and chaos on Russia’s borders.”

These warnings come on the heels of recent comments by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the recent Munich Security Conference where Russia’s Foreign Minister had a heated public exchange with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in which the latter accused Russia of "bellicose rhetoric" and Lavrov responded by citing the European missile defence program as an attempt to secure a nuclear first-strike capability against Russia.

In his formal remarks at Munich and a week earlier at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, Lavrov also assailed Western governments for supporting neo-Nazi terrorist organizations in their zeal to place Ukraine under European Union and Troika control to tighten the NATO noose around Russia.

A dire warning was also issued on January 25 by noted economist Natalia Vitrenko, head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, and one of 29 signatories to an appeal released by Ukrainian leftist political party and Orthodox social organization leaders. Addressed to the UN Secretary-General and European and American leaders, it is titled "Stop the Guerrillas’ Marauding, Halt the Incitement to Civil War, a Coup, and the Disintegration of the Country!" [6].

In her appeal, Vitrenko draws a dramatic picture of the full extent of Western funding of neo-Nazis who have taken over government buildings and aspire to become the future government of Ukraine!

In a February 6 interview published on Voice of Russia, [7] the Russian government’s international radio broadcast, Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and President of the Schiller Institute, an international political and economic think tank, told the Voice of Russia the following:

VoR: It seems that the talks aimed at solving the Ukrainian crisis have reached deadlock as the government and opposition stay as divided as ever. So, do you think that these two sides still have a chance for a peaceful solution or not?

HZL: “I think it depends on the question of what is actually going on because there is no question that if you look at the facts of who are the people in the Maidan and in the other upheavals, mainly the violence is committed by fascists, not only the Svoboda Party but a whole variety of groupings who are followers of Stepan Bandera who was the Nazi collaborator helping the Nazis to prepare the invasion in Ukraine. So, these are the people together with some outside terrorists who had been fighting as Ukrainians on the side of the rebels in Syria. And 350 of those have returned recently and they are together with Svoboda and hooligans who are committing the violence. So, there are probably somewhere between 3,000 to 10,000 absolutely violent criminal Nazi elements who are committing these crimes. And that is a complete lie on the part of most of the western media but also western politicians, western foundations and also such organizations like Washington Affairs Council or the National Endowment of Democracy. What is really going on is a fascist coup and already now there is a big danger that if this is not stopped by people in the west, people in the US and people in the EU, this indeed is escalating into a civil war. I mean there may be an argument if that civil war has already started or not. And the whole aim of it is to provoke the reaction from Russia, which then would be used as a pretext for a showdown.
“I think it is very important that the developments in Ukraine cannot be seen in isolation from other developments in the region like the US ballistic missile system in Poland and Czechia and also the deployment of the Aegis destroyer to the waters base in Spain. Now, then you have to see also the different utopian military conceptions like the prompt global strike doctrine in the Pacific because all of these doctrines proceed from the utopian conception that a first strike by NATO against Russia and China could proceed without that these countries can develop or can deploy a second strike. Obviously, this is ridiculous and both Russia and China have made absolutely clear that they do have a second strike capability, but if this offensive posture is maintained, what we may end up with is that both sides have no other possibility or rather Russia and China have no other possibility than to also go into a first strike posture, in which case you have the simultaneous launching of the first strikes from both sides and that would lead the security to the extinction of civilization, and that is what is at stake in Ukraine…”

Also on February 6, Russian Presidential advisor Academician Sergei Glazyev reported that the U.S. is funding and training the armed opposition in Ukraine, and that a 1994 Russian-U.S. agreement gives Russia the legal basis to take action in the situation, if necessary. Glazyev made the statements in an extensive interview with the Ukrainian edition of the Russian paper Kommersant, published Thursday.

Glazyev’s remark about the 1994 treaty is being hugely misreported in the British and American press as a Russian threat. In fact, what Glazyev said in reply to a question about possible "active intervention" by Russia, is that Russia and the USA are obligated to take action in situations like the present one:

"We should recall the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, adopted in connection with Ukraine’s adherence to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. All parties to it undertook to protect the territorial integrity and security of Ukraine. Under this document, Russia and the USA are guarantors of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and, frankly speaking, are obligated to intervene when this kind of conflict arises. But what the Americans are up to now, unilaterally and crudely interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, is a clear breach of that treaty. The agreement is for collective guarantees and collective action."

It has now been revealed by various sources and media outlets that somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 absolutely violent criminal Nazi elements are committing crimes in the present showdown against the forces of the duly elected government of Ukraine. Canada’s Foreign Minister, like Senator McCain and Lady Ashton were not only seen supporting the demonstrators in the Ukrainian Maidan, but were photographed inside with opposition leaders, among them Oleh Tyahnybok, the head of Svoboda, who has denounced a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” that he says rules Ukraine, among other unpublishable epithets. We believe that all the political parties represented in the Canadian House of Commons should not only denounce Tyahnybok and others of such pedigree who are presently organizing a fascist coup in Ukraine, but also come up with proposals to diffuse the danger of a larger conflict, an exit strategy for Ukraine from the present showdown situation that could spark World War III.

This must involve a serious development package to be offered to Ukraine, an offer made jointly with other nations acting as honest brokers, a policy different from that of the European Union who are presently offering Ukraine nothing better than becoming another Greece or Portugal!

The Committee for the Republic of Canada would like to meet with your office as soon as possible to discuss particularly a strategy of infrastructure building for the overall Eurasian area [8], that Canada could also participate in.

A comprehensive development strategy could be implemented this year if a global Glass-Steagall [9] were to be enacted before spring. Glass-Steagall would open the door to the signing of international treaties and the availability of the required amounts of public productive credit that would render possible a genuine policy of Peace through Development.

Yours sincerely,

Gilles Gervais
President of the Committe for the Republic of Canada