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The World at a Crossroad: A New Dark Age, or a New Renaissance

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LPAC—Signs of a pending crash of the trans-Atlantic financial system are escalating. The level of panic in the financial sector was demonstrated by the emergence of calls for “helicopter money” to paper over the collapse of the $1.5 quadrillion derivative and leveraged debt bubble. BlackRock, the largest private equity firm in the world, has produced a paper for the Jackson Hole, Wyoming meeting, which takes placeat the end of this week, Aug. 22-24, bringing together many of the top bankers and financial government officials from around the world. They call their proposal a “regime change” of the financial system, abandoning the so-called “independence” of the central banks. Far from being a call for national banking—which is a central piece of the program of Lyndon LaRouche to restore the American system—what they propose is to merge the governments and the central banks, and go to what they call “direct investment,” or direct delivery of money to any failing bank which needs it. Anything to keep the derivative bubble afloat for a few more weeks, or months at most.

This is precisely what LaRouche warned of in his famous “Triple Curve Typical Collapse Function,” the pedagogical device which he developed in 1995, in an astounding but simple and convincing way, showing how the financial and the monetary aggregates are moving in a hyperbolic direction upwards to a certain point, while the real economy is moving downwards, and going down, causing the collapse of the real values of the financial aggregates. We have now reached the point where any kind of liquidity pumping you can imagine is not going to be sufficient to maintain this bubble. We are heading toward the perfect storm, with no solution available, other than the transformation of the entire system along the lines of LaRouche’s Four Laws: Glass-Steagall; nationalize the central banks, creating National Banks in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton (or the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau in the postwar reconstruction plan in Germany); and then establish a new, international credit system, a New Bretton Woods system. This creates the capacity to launch a crash program for fusion, for space research cooperation, and for cooperation with China on the New Silk Road, developing the entire world.

In the U.S., President Trump’s call for a Moon-Mars Mission, the Artemis Project, on a crash basis, was presented at a National Space Council meeting held in Virginia on Aug. 20, posing the urgency of nuclear propulsion systems if man is to travel to Mars without the physical damage from radiation which would result from the nine-month trip using chemical propulsion. (In fact, only a fusion rocket, cutting the trip to a number of days, will allow for regular travel to Mars—which is why a crash program for fusion must be launched simultaneously with the Moon-Mars Program.) In both the Artemis Project and the fusion energy project, only unfettered international cooperation between the leading scientific nations of the world can achieve the necessary results. It is precisely this same international cooperation which is required to implement the transformation of the global financial system, through a New Bretton Woods.

Against this hopeful and optimistic vision of the future, the dying remnants of Empire have unleashed the most massive campaign of behavior modification—i.e., brainwashing—in modern history. A week of cultural and scientific insanity is to be carried out internationally from Sept. 20-27, centered at the UN General Assembly in Manhattan, demanding that all these ideas of scientific advancement of the human race be totally scrapped—that all investigations into the frontiers of human knowledge, in space, in reproducing the wonder of the Sun through fusion power, in advancing the power of an expanding human race over the development of the universe—all this be reversed, in order to “save the planet” from nonexistent anthropomorphic climate change. The Chicken Little from the children’s nursery rhyme was not as insane as this mass psychosis spread by abused children, psychotropic drug freaks, and evil minds who want to save a dying financial system at the expense of the human race.

The choice is clear—join in the development of the universe and the unleashing of human creativity in the many generations to come, through scientific progress and cultural beauty, or see humanity driven into a new dark age, and likely thermonuclear war. This is the moment in history for which Lyndon LaRouche created this organization.