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The Other Coalitions Are Blowing Up—Time for the LaRouche Coalition To Take Over!

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LPAC—After the Federal Reserve injected over $200 billion cash into the Wall Street Banks over the past three days, for the first time since 2008-09, yet still failed to push interest rates down into their target range—London and Wall Street are beginning to panic over the near-term stability of their rotten system. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche first pointed out, their hope for a last-ditch defense is to use the fraudulent panic over so-called climate change, to forcibly channel investment into the “green” schemes they control through cutouts such as London’s “Green Finance Initiative,” shortly to be exposed in a new Schiller Institute report. It is this sordid motive which is behind the so-called climate initiatives ongoing at the United Nations today, where LaRouche organizers are present, and the New York School System’s blatant pressure on students and their parents to support a “green” strike this Friday.


Protesters march with signs along Market Street during the San Francisco Youth Climate Strike, on March 15, 2019. (Intothewoods7/Wikimedia Commons)

At the same time, significant, relevant political shifts are ongoing both in Republican and Democratic circles, so-called. Politico, in stories on Wednesday and Thursday, highlights features of the Bolton firing which shed great light on the present political situation in the United States. As opposed to the analysis presented in the press internationally, that Donald Trump is somehow the captive of John Bolton or Mike Pompeo, the implications here are far more pragmatic and optimistic concerning the dynamic of the President and the corrupt Republican apparatus he used to get elected. Both establishment hawks, Bolton and Pompeo, are representative of substantial Republican Party political factions which helped propel Trump’s insurgent candidacy to victory in 2016. The firing of Bolton, and Pompeo’s likely decision to run for Senate in Kansas, point to Trump finally freeing himself from the establishment Washington, D.C. Republican Party, as their loud complaints to Politico indicate. They call Trump, now, “a government of one,” something which many Trump voters, who chanted, “Drain the Swamp,” obviously intended.

Similar fissures are occurring in the Democratic Party over impeachment. Jerrold Nadler is leading farcical House Judiciary hearings which this week featured Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reprising portions of the Mueller Report. Nadler’s Democrats, frustrated by Lewandowski’s calmly facing them down over testimony he provided on Trump’s orders to Mueller, resorted to angrily throwing names at him, threatening him with criminal charges, and wildly asserting that his sticking to what he told Robert Mueller signaled “consciousness of guilt.” Lewandowski told Mueller that the President had asked him to deliver a message to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that Sessions should “unrecuse” himself from the Trump/Russia investigation, and should focus that investigation on protecting future elections. This occurred in a context in which the FBI’s James Comey was repeatedly telling Trump that he was not a target of the FBI’s counterintelligence probe, and in which the investigation by the President’s equally diligent lawyers could find no wrongdoing by his campaign.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi openly criticized the Nadler circus to a stunned Democratic caucus behind closed doors last week, according to Politico, noting that the Judiciary Committee was way, way ahead of its skis, and the Democrats in the House did not have the votes to support impeachment. Sticking the shank in, she said, “Go ahead and leak that fact,” concerning the lack of Democratic support for impeachment. At the same time, this week the Jacobin Democratic presidential candidates launched a new, unhinged impeachment drive against Justice Brett Kavanaugh based on a totally fake New York Times story which had to be substantially retracted by the Times, further compromising their 2020 chances.

The shifting dynamics here occur as both the Trump Campaign and Democrats see the revolt within the American population, demanding industry, infrastructure, and real jobs, as the Wall Street casino begins to collapse. The Democrats are positioning themselves through the genocidal Green New Deal, which LaRouche organizers are exposing, and claims about Wall Street reform. The Trump Campaign is looking for an actual economic policy which can build the modern infrastructure required for economic recovery, while funding basic scientific advances including fusion power and space travel—something readily available in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery. The real New Deal, the LaRouche New Deal, rather than the Green New Deal which will destroy everyone who touches it like Medea’s poisoned gown.

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