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An Historical Sea Change Has Been Launched by President Trump

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LPAC—The extraordinary transformation taking place in Syria today reflects a global phase shift which was launched over the past weeks by President Donald Trump, in coordination with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, Pakistan’s Imran Khan, and several leaders in the Middle East.

Although the situation on the ground in northern Syria is very much in flux, there can be no question but that the potential for ending the war in Syria, and beginning to resolve other historical “hot spots” in East Asia and Southwest Asia, all created by the British Empire, is well under way. President Trump has, in the past few weeks, declared political warfare on the decrepit and corrupt U.S. establishment, including both political parties, the entire corporate press, and the financial institutions behind the “military-industrial complex,” which he attacked by name.

Trump has acted upon his campaign commitment to “end these endless wars.” When he declared the pullback, and eventual pullout, of U.S. forces in Syria. He also made public the ugly fact that the war-mongering leaders of both political parties had aligned the United States with terrorists—the Syrian branch of the terrorist PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey) as well as the al-Qaeda networks in Libya—in order to carry out their criminal “regime change” wars on behalf of the British Empire.

At the same time, President Putin, with whom Trump has coordinated the military operations against ISIS in Syria, is visiting Saudi Arabia, offering fulsome praise to the Saudis for their role in bringing the war in Syria to an end. The Saudi leaders expressed their intent to maintain close friendships with both the U.S. and the Russians—another blow to the British imperial division of the world into enemy “blocs.”

Also at the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is in Iran, and from there will visit Saudi Arabia. Khan expressed his explicit intent to facilitate bringing the historical conflict between Shi’a Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia to an end, an effort which is being welcomed by both sides. Recall that President Trump earlier asked Prime Minister Khan to mediate a resolution to the U.S.-Iran conflict, which Khan also discussed with President Hassan Rouhani.

This all comes within days of the partial trade agreement between the U.S. and China, as well as the historic “informal” visit of Xi Jinping to India, where the two leaders discussed a 100-year perspective for cooperation between the world’s oldest and largest nations. And recall that when Prime Minister Modi visited the United States in September, President Trump joined him on stage before 50,000 adoring Indians and Indian-Americans.

This diplomatic and cultural offensive has placed the leaders of the “Four Powers,” as Lyndon LaRouche described them—Russia, China, India and the U.S.—as well as other world leaders, on a common historical mission, with the potential to end the British Empire and the imperial divide of the world into “them” and “us,” once and for all.

And yet, if one’s only access to the news of world events were the corporate press in the U.S. and Europe, one would know none of this. Instead, one would read diatribes about the evil Russian leader and the murderous dictatorship in China. Even Fox News, which has played a positive role in exposing the Russiagate hoax against President Trump, has barely reported Trump’s significant breakthrough with China, while filling their schedule with vile, lying diatribes against China, and accusing Trump of “selling out” to Putin in Syria. Trump has correctly identified the majority of the Congress, from both parties, as war-mongers who are beholden to the military-industrial complex.

The media are equally silent about the fact that the U.S. Federal Reserve has, over the past month, been frantically pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system, trying to prevent a repeat of 2008, this time on a far grander scale. On Thursday, Oct. 15, the Fed is reviving QE—pumping $60 billion per month, and perhaps much more, into the banks through at least the second quarter of 2020. The view of the media to this virtual acknowledgment that the system is beginning to crack? “I’m all right, Jack.”

The fact that the major banks and the eco-fascist mobs they are financing to enforce deindustrialization and depopulation under the fraud of anthropogenic climate change, is beginning to have the opposite effect than they had intended. There is a wave of reason sweeping through the U.S. population, including the youth, recognizing the insanity of the dark age being proposed, and responding to the signs of inspiration coming from the President, in the Moon-Mars program, and the end of the “endless wars,” as well as the discrediting of the lies about CO2. These are the issues Lyndon LaRouche fought for over the past 50 years, and the reason he was targetted and put in prison by the war party and the speculators, the same who are targetting Trump today. The exoneration of LaRouche today will free the minds of the population denied access to his ideas these past decades.This would be Trump’s best move of all.