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Premiers Moe, Ford, Higgs to collaborate on development of nuclear reactors to combat climate change

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Global News—Three Canadian premiers announced their plan to explore new technology in nuclear power generation as a way to fight climate change.

On Sunday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the development and deployment of nuclear reactors, also known as Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), in Canada.

“Many people may be thinking, why nuclear, why now? If you look at the spectrum of energy and how we’re going to provide and meet the demands of a zero emitting industry, it’s not going to happen through wind and solar,” Higgs said. “It’s got to be through technology like this that is advanced and approved.”

Within the next decade, the three provinces will evaluate, plan and commercialize the further development of SMR technology.