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Class 2 : ’Whaddaya Know ?’ Kepler and the Limits of Mathematics

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WHEN : Dec 14, 3pm eastern (note time change !)
SPEAKER : Jason Ross, LaRouchePAC "Basement" Project

The fraudulent 1972 book The Limits to Growth used a computer model to prove that excess growth was dooming the human species. Yet their silly model couldn’t account for the creation of fundamentally new technologies. So, in reality, they "proved" that without fundamental technological progress, the human species would be in danger, and then claimed, on this basis, that progress must be halted.

This failure of mathematics was deliberate and meant to fool others. But how many people fool themselves ? Trump points to the growth of the stock market as representing an economic boom, but do these numbers tell the full story ? What is creating our economic future ?

In this class, we will accompany the first modern scientist, Johannes Kepler, as he forces astronomers to abandon mathematical explanations for the planets and to join him in demanding a knowledge of physical causes. This is the crucial factor required to really understand economics !

Viewing : Nine LaRouchePAC videos on Kepler’s New Astronomy : Part I
Reading : introduction of Lyndon LaRouche’s “The Coming End of the Cult of Sense-Deception”
Reading : Jason Ross, “The Fallacy of the Equant” in EIR, February 2, 2007