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Schiller Institute Weekly Webcast
Trump Counters Green Fascists at Davos with Renaissance Optimism

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SI—While 190 billionaires and their corporate and institutional flunkeys gathered at Davos, pushing a Green fascist agenda, U.S. President Trump intervened with a different axiomatic background. While his speech provoked hysteria, with some accusing him of “pointless optimism,” his praise of the citizens of Florence acting with imagination and boldness in building the great Dome—a feat often referred to by Lyndon LaRouche as exemplifying the spirit of human creativity and commitment to progress which resulted in the Renaissance—highlights again why the oligarchy is committed to ending his presidency.

Helga covered a number of topics, from the war danger, to the increasing likelihood of a financial collapse, coming back to the necessity for an emergency summit of three Presidents as a means to move into a New Paradigm, to overcome the dangers. She called on our viewers to join us to change the agenda, to bring mankind back to science and culture to counter war and destruction. Use the opportunity of this Beethoven year to discover the true beauty of human culture.

LaRouche activist Flavio Tabanelli produced a tweet and a video, juxtaposing a quote from Trump to the cover of the Italian version of Lyn’s “The Science of Christian Economy” (the tweet), the latter followed by a videoclip of Lyndon LaRouche at a July 21, 2011 webcast, speaking on Brunelleschi and the catenary, followed in turn by a videoclip of Trump’s statement in Davos.

He also sent it to the “Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore” (, the company that was set up in 1296 to oversee the construction of the Cathedral and which has existed since then, taking care of maintenance of all the buildings in Santa Maria del Fiore. In the accompanying message, Flavio wrote that “in Trump’s speech the echo of American economist Lyndon LaRouche’s frequent references to Brunelleschi’s revolutionary work is present. The Science of Christian Economy is one among the economic textbooks written by Lyndon LaRouche which is available in Italian. It is a fundamental work that aims at reconciling morality and science to rebuild the basis of human existence currently usurped by free-marketeers, speculators and Malthusian oligarchs.”

The head of communications for the Opera thanked him for “this precious information that clarifies where Trump took inspiration from for his speech on the Florence Dome and Brunelleschi.” She then invited him to join the celebrations of the 600 anniversary of the beginning of construction of the Cupola, which is this year. [ccc]