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Major Measures Taking Effect at Virus Epicenter in Wuhan

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EIRNS—The figures as of Feb. 4 in China, released today, show there are 20,552 confirmed cases of infection and 23,522 who are suspected to have the virus. More than half of these are in Hubei Province where Wuhan is the capital, with 13,552 confirmed cases. Total deaths from the virus in China are 426 people, and 692 of those infected have recovered. Most of those who have died are people over 60 and many with other ailments, including heart conditions, asthma, etc., which would have contribute to the severity of the illness which killed them.

Officials said today that the reason for the large figures in Hubei — and the deaths — is also that the hospital system had been overrun in the beginning. There were only two hospitals that could cope with such infectious cases, and therefore, many of the patients had to move to other hospitals without the intensive care environment. One of the three emergency hospitals, with a 1,000-bed capacity, built since the outbreak began, is already taking patients, and the second one will be ready tomorrow, followed soon by a third. In additional some of the larger structures in Wuhan, including the Wuhan Convention Center, are being converted to emergency hospitals for infected patients.

Many labs are working intensely to develop a vaccine, both in China and worldwide. Trials will also begin using an antiviral medication which seems to have been successful in the case of an individual patient in Washington State. [wcj]