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By Paul Gallagher

EIRNS—In an rapid series of actions since his acquittal in the impeachment fraud, President Trump is cleaning house for new policies. Some of these he clearly has in mind and thought out; others require the American people step in and drive the process by debating a thorough solution for our industrial economy and a lifting of the culture of pessimism off this country. That’s all the more necessary because the President’s own administration — not to mention both parties in Congress — features outright opponents of his policy of peace and cooperation with Russia, China, the other great powers. The worst of these snakes from the war party, Big Mike Pompeo the destroyer of peace and cooperation, is as great a danger to the nation as Mini-Mike Bloomberg the destroyer of energy and industry and wealth.

The President has started to take the traitorous mess of the National Security Council and top intelligence offices, full of lovers of British geopolitical conflict, and clean it out — as you’ll read below. This won’t be easy, but along with it he is tackling the corruption in the justice system, to free ordinary people from it just as much, or more, as he fights unjust attacks against himself has his most influential allies. He has begun to use his pardon power to highlight and expose specific forms of unfair treatment of persons in the justice system, whether his party or the other, whether officials or working people and ordinary citizens.

And President Trump has begun to take up issues of the economic infrastructures, like water and power, which Americans need to work more creatively and effectively. Starting with farmers, growers and ranchers in California who needed some of the water which state "green" regulations was sending out into the Pacific unused. That vital matter — new infrastructure — was a basic reason Americans elected Donald Trump President, and a promise he has not been able to keep thus far.

There is one exoneration of an extraordinary individual and historical figure, which can multiply the President’s powers for advance by many times, just at this moment. That is the late Lyndon LaRouche. Exoneration of LaRouche is not the freeing of a
man, for LaRouche is deceased, but the freeing of a nation from half a century of deindustrialization, deepening pessimism and even despair of its most productive citizens. To exonerate LaRouche is not just to reverse the unjust use of law against an honorable person, but to provide new laws for the nation — LaRouche’s "four economic laws to save the nation."

These laws — economic actions — designed by LaRouche after the 2007-08 crash, are precisely the policies, the only ones, designed to reverse our long technological and industrial decline, and do it with the drivers of science, fusion power and nuclear breakthroughs powering the new mission of the Moon and Mars. President Trump absolutely needs to take these actions now — not through Congress, through joint action with Presidents Putin and Xi, and Prime Minister Modi of India whom he is about to visit. The exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, extending the pardon and justice reform process the President has begun, will enlighten so many Americans about what successful human economic progress, and classical culture and science, really are. It will give them the gift of optimism.

Now is exactly the time to give the mass backing to the President, to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche.