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More Deadly Than Coronavirus: Green Ideology

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SI—Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasizes that we are living at a moment where everything can be disrupted, and therefore nothing should be taken for granted. Enormous risks, and enormous opportunities, stand before us.

A virus, unknown two months ago, has now infected at least 80,000, claimed 2,500 lives, caused significant disruptions in the flow of people and the production of goods, and has been used as an opportunity to attack China. Potential beckons — in the form of new treatments and a possible stabilization of cases in China — but this is uncertain, and cases outside China continue to grow, with the very real potential of reaching pandemic dimensions. Swarms of desert locusts, the worst, depending on the location, in 25 to 75 years, are plaguing the Horn of Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Persian Gulf, and India-Pakistan. They continue to grow, and to spread, threatening the lives and livelihood of tens of millions. The ongoing U.S. presidential election process is highly unpredictable (although some have been more shocked than others at the reality principle inserting itself). Will Sir Michael succeed in buying the nomination? Worldwide, stock markets lost, on average, between 3 and 5 percent of their “value” on Monday. Will the already tumultuous situation also see, very soon, the collapse of the financial system?

To these questions, there are no certain answers. In emphasizing the difference between forecasting and predicting, Lyndon LaRouche wrote in 2007:

The actual, strategic purpose and function of competent economic forecasting, is not to attempt to predict what will happen, but to cause it to happen.”

The LaRouche movement proposes a path forward, a means of choosing policies and proposals. A summit of the world’s leading powers, laid out as a necessity by Lyndon LaRouche, echoed in forceful form in the past months by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, proposed — in slightly different form — by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and encouraged by President Trump’s reception by Prime Minister Modi in India, is key to escaping the calamities of disease, pestilence, geopolitics, and, worst of all, the British anti-human outlook continuously promoted over the past century. The antidote? Policies, certainly, and culture too!

Consider the desert locust outbreak. The amount estimated by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization to be required to deal with this plague — $76 million in January — is an absolute pittance, compared with the billions invested into Green finance. Such investments, ostensibly dedicated to creating a livable future for the human race, do precisely the opposite: they promote low-energy-density development, “appropriate technologies,” and eliminating the power that makes high living standards possible. As desperate pleas are made for aid in combatting locusts, western-financed NGOs in Kenya are attempting to ban the very chemicals needed to win that war. It’s not that the $76 million is not available; the goal is population reduction. The barrier is not $76 million; it is the outlook, possibly even residing within you, dear reader, that plagues are inevitable, that Africa will always be poor, or that the world is overpopulated anyway.

Over the last half-century, one person stood out absolutely uniquely, opposing the descent into drugs, radical environmentalism, and ugliness, pointing the way towards the stars themselves, as embodying the power source of the future, and serving as a suitable eventual destination. That man’s vision and courage led to successes that angered his enemies, leading to an attack on him and his movement whose only recent parallel can be seen in the unending attempts to separate President Trump from his better convictions, or from the office of the presidency itself. The legacy of that man, Lyndon LaRouche, and his ideas, cry out for exoneration, and for implementation.

“Is it possible?” Leave that question to the pundits. What will you cause to happen?