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’World Healthcare Mobilization’ Can Be Based on FDR, and LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods

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LPAC—Parts of the U.S. economy are shutting down into a severe recession; the same is true in Europe and other industrial countries, as in China before. And everywhere there are healthcare facilities of all kinds lacking to meet the great challenge of the novel coronavirus epidemic. In some industrialized countries this lack is only potential, coming at us soon. In many developing countries that lack is nearly total when put against a very communicable and unusually lethal respiratory disease, one which is going to persist among humanity in serious epidemics for some time.

Let us reverse that—all of it. Let us begin a mobilization for world healthcare, including building 2 million or more new hospital beds, fully equipped, all over the world, including 300-400,000 new beds in the United States. New diagnostic and testing equipment and materials, respirators, protective suits and masks, all possible antiviral medications; laboratories for analysis are needed in many countries; tent hospitals and “pop-up” hospitals for COVID-19 patients only, like those built in China in a couple of weeks, are needed everywhere.

In the mobilization led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt before and during World War II, scientists constantly developed new technologies; every sort of company produced new products they had never made before. We hear that all the airlines and aircraft makers are parking thousands of planes, going bankrupt and will soon have to be bailed out. No—let them fly high-value scientific instruments, testing equipment, medical devices to the newly-built hospitals all over the world.

Small electric power plants will be needed all over the world for these hospitals, along with water purification facilities.

Heads of state of leading nations must cooperate to do this. The Group of Seven nations’ leaders, who had a teleconference today, perhaps have passed the baton to the G20, which includes China, Russia, and India. The biggest job—creating the credit to do all this—starts with the leaders of the United States, China, Russia, and India agreeing on a new international system of credit and currencies. Lyndon LaRouche proposed this “New Bretton Woods” and spelled it out many times during the last 25 years of his life.

Wall Street and the City of London banking center should shut down. The Wall Street markets would be released from their misery by shutting them. Quarantine “the Street” and “The City” in London. It is the Street and The City which have weakened and deindustrialized our economies for 50 years by deregulations which, in every way, prioritized financial speculation over productive investment. They have produced speculative bubbles which crashed over and over since the 1980s, dragging down economies each time. Eventually, LaRouche warned 50 years ago when Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods was destroyed, new diseases would find the human race without defenses to fight them.

So the big banks need to be broken up while markets are shut, using the Glass-Steagall Act which Congress must restore fast for the purpose. And a world health mobilization can be launched against this coronavirus and other new and returned diseases, with “No triage” its model.