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Who Is ‘Flooding The Zone’ for War with China?

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LPAC—Former United Kingdom Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Kim Darroch’s call to “flood the zone” around President Trump has clearly been heeded in the wake of his 2019 departure, following the publication of his unflattering comments about the President. “You want as many as possible of those who Trump consults to give him the same answer,” he advised. “So we need to be creative in using all the channels available to us through our relationships with his Cabinet, the White House staff, and our contacts among his outside friends.”

These British efforts are most clearly seen in the unceasing attempts to create, in the United States, an adversarial relationship with China and its President, Xi Jinping.

On Wednesday, the U.K.’s current ambassador to the United States, Dame Karen Pierce, told reporters that there “definitely needs” to be an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak in China. “This is the third virus, I think, to come out of China before the century is a quarter old,” she told the Washington Post. “I think there definitely needs to be some sort of review or investigation.”

On Thursday, Trump was hounded by reporters to attack China. In one case, a reporter used the same “high confidence” language reminiscent of intelligence community lies, like the bogus assessment of January 2017 regarding the “Russiagate” fairy tale largely concocted in British cauldrons: “Have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of this virus?” Trump responded: “Yes, I have. Yes, I have. And I think the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves because they’re like the public relations agency for China.”

Consider Niall Ferguson, the British (and, since 2018, American) author of Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World. In the London Sunday Times of April 5, he penned six questions he demanded be asked of President Xi Jinping. “Third, after it became clear that there was a full-blown epidemic spreading from Wuhan to the rest of Hubei province, why did you cut off travel from Hubei to the rest of China—on January 23—but not from Hubei to the rest of the world?” This lie has been amplified to such a degree, that President Trump himself responded to prodding from reporters on Thursday with a restatement of this British-promoted canard: “How come they stopped all the planes and all of the traffic from going into China, but they didn’t stop the planes and the traffic from coming into the United States and from coming into all over Europe?”

Ferguson’s claim was investigated by Canadian researcher Daniel A. Bell, Dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Shandong University and professor at Tsinghua University. Bell looked up flight records, and demonstrated that Ferguson was simply wrong, and that Ferguson’s supposed evidence—which he provided in a message to Bell—fell far short of his outrageous claims.

Trump, no doubt concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on his re-election chances, runs the risk of taking the bait offered him on all sides in the deliberately shaped environment surrounding him, to campaign on a “blame China” platform, as has been the advice offered to Republican senators by a public relations firm headed by two former assistants to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

The real winning strategy for the future was deliberated at the recent Schiller Institute conference of April 25–26, which centered on the perspectives laid out by Lyndon LaRouche for close collaboration between the United States, Russia, China, and India in setting the world on a positive path, marked out by physical economic principles, rather than the financial economics of London and Wall Street. It is only by abandoning any attempts to save the current system (or to maintain the fiction of the economy having been in great shape immediately before COVID-19 struck), that the United States can be freed to engage in the needed cooperation. A coven of lunatics attempting to “flood the zone” around Trump is committed to the British Empire policy of preventing such cooperation. If this outlook were allowed to determine U.S. policy, the world will be driven to war. They must not be allowed to succeed.

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