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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat:

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LPAC—In his 2005 work, “The Principle of ‘Power’”, Lyndon LaRouche wrote: “The special circumstances presented to us by the presently onrushing, global breakdown-crisis of this world monetary-financial system, require that we quickly replace what are now clearly the hopelessly failed practices which had been lately taught as “economics” in our universities, governments, and comparable places. Instead of those currently failed ideas, we must adopt a notion of economy whose standard is functionally consistent with the crucial difference, the principle of creative reason...”

DENNIS SPEED: My name is Dennis Speed, and on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee I want to welcome you to our Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche for Thursday, June 4, 2020. We hope that after we finish the discussion tonight, people will have 20/20 vision on what’s actually being done to the United States, and how our LaRouche alternative of 1.5 billion productive jobs worldwide, 50 million jobs in the United States is the answer to the present form of insurrection against which patriots of this nation have to, shall we say, take up the full armor of the Lord. You have to do that by having some ideas, and we want to start with a selection from Lyndon LaRouche. This is from a speech he gave back about 2001.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Roosevelt transformed the Democratic Party from the party of racism and treason into a party which is committed to the promotion of the General Welfare. Not that he was able to act with a sweep of the hand to install the General Welfare, but he fought to establish the principle. And most important, he fought to establish the principle in the minds of the American citizens. See, we are not emperors; we cannot, with a wave of our hand, declare a principle and then impose by our will on people. The way we convey a principle as philosophers, philosophers in action, who convince people that that principle is the way in which they ought to live and act. When a people is aroused to act for that principle, then the great good comes. No man is a god; no man can decree by way of the hand and give the world something according to principle. What a man can do is what a man can do. An individual human being can develop and transmit ideas, utilize ideas, convey these ideas to others. The function of leadership is essentially that of a philosopher, which few politicians seem to understand. It is the philosopher who conveys and implants ideas in people; ideas of principle, like the scientist who conveys discoveries. It is the implanting of those ideas in the social process, the creation of political and other institutions around ideas, which mobilize humanity to do a great work.

So, that’s the lesson for today. We are in the worst crisis in world history, and the good side of it is, there is no way you can cheat. You either do it my way, or you’re doomed; that’s the good side. The other good side is that we can win. But to win, you have to think of philosophers in action. Not as agitators, but philosophers in action, who take people who are living in a depraved way, mental state, who are being selfish. Let me just give you an example of this. What’s the principle involved? It may occur to all of you that we each have been born, and that has a point in time. You weren’t born, and then you were born. It has occurred to most of you that all of us are going to die — even George Bush, who may be already dead for all I know. There may just be a mechanical device up there they use to pass him off to us. So, therefore, when somebody talks about “my self-interest” what is their self-interest? If you’re going to die, what becomes of your self-interest the minute you die? Your self-interest in pleasure? Your self-interest in gluttony? Your self-interest in riches? What happens to those things? They go. What’s your self-interest? Your self-interest is in having lived, and having your life mean something to humanity. So, you live for your self-interest. Now, most people aren’t capable of doing that, not yet. Given the educational system, it’s not surprising. They’re not capable of rising to that. But when people are inspired to rise to that sense of their personal self-interest, that what they can do for mankind while they’re alive is their self-interest; then they’re capable of asserting leadership. If they can do that, they can arouse in people who all have this potential, at least for a moment, the ability to see that in themselves.
In the old time, when people used to believe in having babies, long before, people would express that in a very simple way. They would say, “All right, I’m living, I’m sacrificing, we’re living, we’re working for our children and grandchildren.” And the idea of children and grandchildren was not something in itself, it was something that gave you a way of focussing upon concretely what your life meant. And you would joyfully sacrifice for the sake of the future of these children and grandchildren. You would vote and support actions by society. Soldiers were willing to die for their society to save it. They didn’t want to die, but they were willing to take the risk because they had a sense that there is something that’s more important than their mortal life itself. It’s what they do with it that’s important, like any great scientist. How do you measure a scientist? It’s by what they contribute to humanity. People whose names we know from thousands of years ago, what was their self-interest? It was to be what they were, great discoverers who benefitted all humanity after them. Great artists who uplifted all of humanity after them.

So, a few of us have that, a few of us have that developed commitment. In former times, there were more people who had that kind of commitment which they expressed in terms of their obligation to improve their society, their family, and so forth. Those values have more or less passed away under this decadent cultural period in which we live. We’ve come to a time where people suddenly realize that “my money, my money, my money” is not the essence of humanity of life. The essence of the ability to buy is not the essence of life. It’s being human that is the essence of life. When people have taken away from them some of the false values to which they have clung too ardently, sometimes they’re forced to look and say, “What is really valuable?” And sometimes for that reason, it’s the poor who are the best fighters for freedom, because they have the least to lose. And freedom means everything to them because they have nothing else except the fight for freedom.
So, when we come to a time of great peril and depravity and whatnot, as we are now, in that time the secret is leadership. The secret is the development and spread of ideas, sound ideas which enable people to mobilize themselves about actions which will address the problem. And in such a moment, when that occurs, suddenly the majority of people are able to decide on how to run this planet. And those few tyrants who dominate us, become pitiful wrecks running into places of refuge, or hiding and changing their identity. Thank you.

SPEED: So, what our job is tonight, is to keep you at the level of the philosopher, because that’s the level at which we will change the present circumstance that the United States and the world actually confront. To do that, I have entitled my section of the presentation, and I’m going to take 11 minutes — Diane, you have to stop me if I go over, because you have to get your time. But I’ve called it, “A Certain Difference Between Barack Obama and Frederick Douglass”. I realize some people may not know who Frederick Douglass was. He was probably born in 1818; he did not know because he was born in slavery, and he did not exactly know what day he was born. He freed himself through his own efforts from slavery. He learned how to read during slavery. He became a great orator against slavery in his early 20s. He journeyed to many other nations, including Ireland and others, in that cause. He then became, in the period of 1856 to 1865, indispensable to the Presidency of the United States. He was responsible directly in collaboration with others for recruiting what was ultimately between 175,000 to 200,000 African-American soldiers to the Union Army cause, not including those who were in various forms of revolt. He did this in collaboration with Abraham Lincoln in a series of measures that were taken. There was much disagreement between him and Lincoln, but there was thing that distinguished the two of them. They both were defenders of and students of the American Constitution’s Preamble about the General Welfare of mankind. They both understood the idea that the United States Presidency was a revolutionary institution to be wielded by people who were revolutionaries in their thinking on behalf of a continuing revolution of the United States.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, was [audio blip] insurrection against the Constitution of the United States that began fully full-stop in earnest on September 11, 2001 called 9/11. That Bush administration which had preceded Obama, was extended into another eight years by the Obama administration. It was merely the Bush administration, except worse. That is how and why Barack Obama was elected, so to speak to that position. That was his sole function, was to extend that insurrection against the United States.

What has happened is that since approximately January 20, 2017, a reverse process against that insurrection was declared by Donald Trump when he said he would take on the 16 intelligence agencies. As we have said many times in this context, from that point, a war began to completely dismantle the power of the American Presidency. It is not to say that there have not been mistakes; mistakes of omission and all sorts of other things that have happened during the Trump years. But it is to say that at no time from January 20, 2017 until this day, has there been a free and independent Presidency re-established in the United States.

Where we are as of tonight, and there are various people who are aware of this, I’m going to reference some of them in a few minutes. That insurrection against the institution of the Presidency is not only escalating, but here’s why it’s escalating. Ever since the launch of the spacecraft last Saturday, something has occurred that has caused great consternation among the people who have perpetrated this coup. These people emanated primarily from the City of London, but they involve also a group of traitors in the United States, of which the Bush family were the leading expression. Specifically, Bush 41, his father Prescott Bush, and by association — guilt by birth — Bush 43. Dick Cheney is a more clear case, and Barack Obama is a very clear case of this.

Because of the problem of the length of time, and there will be plenty to take up in questions, I want to turn to a few matters that have to be understood about where we stand tonight with respect to this question. There are a few things that have been said in particular by the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Antonov. This is what he had to say about the issue of the riots. Remember, there are two different processes. There is something which is, you have peaceful demonstrations during the day, you have the riots generally happening at night, clearly infiltrated. Here’s what he had to say, because there have been people who have tried to blame the Russians for this. He said this in an interview that he gave yesterday:

This is utterly wrong. This process is an explosion of the contradictions that have been simmering in America for a very long time. In the country, there are 40 million jobless that are tired of the lockdown. Negative emotions are overflowing, they are spilling onto the streets. We [that is Russia] are very upset about this. Nobody is rejoicing. People are losing their lives. We are seeing the attacks being committed by marauders and provocateurs that never miss a chance to take advantage of peaceful demonstrations.”

Then he was asked about Donald Trump, and he said, “I have a feeling that the positive constructive signals from Donald Trump, who speaks about the need for improving Russian relations, do not reach the middle level.” What he means is, whatever may be being said at any point, it never gets to implementation at the middle level.

Now, you have to realize Russians have been accused of virtually anything and everything. Much as the Chinese are being accused of virtually anything or everything. There’s something interesting that’s now beginning to come out of China. This comes from a spokesman, I don’t have his name, who said, “We have to respond to the provocations concerning China as a major responsible nation. We have to achieve our poverty goals and strengthen our global length against those who would decouple the U.S. and Chinese economies.” What they’re saying is that they have a goal to eliminate poverty; it’s supposed to be this year, and it involves 800 million people that they have brought out of poverty. So, what this individual is saying is, “Don’t get into anything about the accusation. Don’t respond to it. All we do is do our job. We said we’re going to eliminate poverty, that’s what we should do. Anytime somebody talks about us decoupling from the United States, you oppose that.”

There are reasons these individuals are saying this. And the reason is, we are on the verge of a hair trigger toward thermonuclear extinction under certain circumstances. Now this is one of these people say will never occur. And I’m not going to spend time trying to convince you of that, because we can take that up in Q&A. But what I want to do now is, I want to talk a little bit about why the 1.5 billion jobs program is the key to the power that we actually wield in this circumstance.
So, we’re going to talk about it in Q&A, but if you haven’t seen it, it involves 50 million American productive jobs, at wage levels that are commensurate with high living standards. It’s going to require at its gut taking 1-2 million people between the ages of 17 and 30. You’ve got to put these people into essential manufacturing, into the medical field, into construction including housing construction, and transportation, and the frontier fields of space technology most importantly. You’ve got to make a commitment to the youth of America that they have a future, and the future is not drowning in a sea of coronavirus, or a sea of violent demonstrations, or a holocaust fire of thermonuclear war. Because those things are the most likely things that confront them now. This means that the Presidency of the United States is going to have to announce a program of that type at some point, and there are elements of the program which I am not obviously describing for time reasons. When we get to Q&A you can hear that. Also, on Saturday, Brian Lantz and Richie Freeman, who are two of the authors of the report, will present on re-opening the economy with these 1.5 billion jobs and take this up.

Notice it’s not 1.5 billion jobs in America, it’s 50 million jobs in America. But that’s the fulcrum from around which the entire process will turn. Why? Because the commitment of the British and the City of London has been to keep the United States from returning to what it once was. There was a time about 20 years ago that a man by the name of Lord William Rees Mogg — he’s still alive — he’s a Conservative in England. He had this idea that in the future, society was going to require only 5% of the population to be an educated elite. That was going to be it. What you were going to have was a post-industrial utopia in which there is no public education, there are no generally well-educated people. That’s what we’re seeing emerge in the present United States, and the Green New Deal of Barack Obama, of Joe Biden, and all the other characters, which is a made in London concoction, is the means that they are going to try to use to impose that new form of feudalism and slavery. Obama and his minions are out trying to do that, that’s not the demonstrators, but it is the demonstration process.

Our job is to fully and in a full-throated way destroy them. But we have to have a positive alternative. I’m going to turn it over to Diane, and after she speaks, we’re going to go to Q&A.

DIANE SARE: I wanted to go back to what did happen on Saturday, which is the launching of two Americans into space on an American rocket from American soil, to go to the International Space Station. Which we have not been able to do for nine years or so. I wanted to ask people to imagine what it is like, because every single astronaut who has gone into orbit, and has looked back at the Earth, is overcome with a wave of overwhelming emotion. Because from that perspective, you see — imagine that you have the ability to look at the entire planet all at once. Not only that, it’s only a tiny part of your view. You get a sense of how small that planet in our own Solar System, and we are inside a galaxy which has millions or billions of stars, and we’ve heard that there are perhaps trillions of galaxies. So, almost everyone who experiences that says, “Why do we have divisions among us on this little speck of dust in space, when there is so much in the universe that we have to master, we have to take responsibility for?” Similarly, the same thing with time. If you think about what we’re able to see now, even without telescopes, but with telescopes we see things that are millions of light years away; which means that we’re looking at something that happened millions of years ago. Again, what is the life of a person in the perspective of millions of years, millions of light years? If you were some awful Nietzschean or Kantian, you would say, “Well, it’s all awful.” It’s sort of like the people who argue, “We don’t need to save elderly people from disease, because they’re going to die anyway.” Then, when you think about it, you say, “My goodness! Is there anybody who is not going to die?” But the amazing thing is that the human mind, our minds, in an instant is capable of having within it the idea of the universe, the conception of the universe. Not only that, but the human mind is capable of making a discovery which not only changes our relationship to the universe, but changes our power over the universe, and thereby changes the universe. And that is an incredible thing, and it is an incredibly liberating thing. This is why when we had the Apollo project in the United States, the British, the Tavistock Institute thought this was the worst thing ever, and said every man, woman, and dog is going to want to become a scientist. They had to stop that.

Part of the crime of the riots and the diversion with violence, is that people cannot reflect on perhaps the great gulf between the destiny of mankind, which is as a master of the universe, versus what was imposed on George Floyd, what has been imposed on too many people, where people in power abuse the strength that they have. I have been reflecting lately on the question of the United States, what’s unique about our nation, which are many things. But our nation was born of an international conspiracy, and LaRouche talked about going back to Joan of Arc, Nicholas of Cusa, and you can even go back to Plato’s Republic, Solon of Athens. But the question of wasn’t mankind worthy of governing himself? This was an experiment, an hypothesis, that you could create a republic where people had freedom to be creative, and they weren’t animals, because human beings aren’t animals. And giving people that freedom would not cause them to destroy themselves, but would actually cause their society to flourish. So, when we defeated the British, this was a victory for mankind, and they knew it. You saw by the time of the Centennial Exhibition in 1876, after the Civil War, people from all over the world flocked to Philadelphia and were completely astounded to see the productivity of the American people. The biggest steam engine ever built. But how people even lived, the average standard of living was higher than it was anywhere else in the world. This carried back in the idea of the trans-Siberian rail-road, etc. The British Empire never got over that; they’ve wanted to crush it.

We’re at a point now where their system has reached its end. And a combination of the United States, Russia, China, and India is what is required to break that and to liberate mankind. Xi Jinping had said China should be out of poverty by 2020, which they’re working on and close to achieving. The world should be out of poverty by 2050. Most people don’t even consider that to be possible.

If you look at what has been done, what was said by Mark Carney, formerly the head of the Bank of England when he said it, “We want regime change. We don’t want governments to decide their own economic policy, we want central banks to decide their economic policy.” There have been many kind of overthrows of governments, but the significant ones are those of the big powers, which was what Ukraine was. That was Joe Biden, Barack Obama under the advice of Christopher Steele — the same guy who wrote the dossier about Trump — in 2013-14. A bunch of violent mobsters with Molotov cocktails beating up parliamentarians with baseball bats, overthrew the government. There was a time in those riots where snipers got on the top of buildings and shot people on both sides. They shot the police and they shot the demonstrators. You can imagine what that unleashed.

Then you have the Hong Kong riots. Hong Kong has its separate status because it was the last bastion of the British Empire when they ran the Opium Wars against the people of China. Again, Pelosi said it was beautiful, setting police on fire, burning down police stations, beating up people in the streets, etc., to try and destabilize China. Now, you have this situation in the United States. This is occurring because the potential is great.

The last thing I’ll just say quickly is that the Russians congratulated us when we did this launch because we have all been dependent on the Russians to get our astronauts up to the International Space Station. Instead of being petty and competitive, their view is thank God someone else can get people up to the International Space Station, because this will free us to make other discoveries. We can learn from the new technology put into practice by the United States; we can advance this. I was thinking of how silly and petty it is for people to be competing over one discovery if you have 2 trillion galaxies out there. Obviously, there are more than enough discoveries for all of us and many generations to come.
So in that regard, it should be known, as many of you are probably aware, that Daniel Burke has been leading not only with his Senate race, but internationally, a growing youth movement which is planet-wide. They’ve had a number of meetings already with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, with people from dozens of countries. This is a growing and developing process. So, they’ve declared June 10th to be an international day of action for the 1.5 billion jobs program spearheaded by the 50 million jobs in the United States. This is absolutely urgent, because what Africa is facing right now, in particular, between the coronavirus, the locust plague, and the fact that many nations there are so impoverished already, if you shut down the borders, shut down the ports, close things down for even one day or two because of COVID-19, then people will immediately be risking starvation. So, the world can mobilize itself to be better by acting to address this. We can produce what’s required in the United States, and we can do it among a concert of nations. That’s what I have.