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Time To Speak Out for ‘What Happens Next’

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EIRNS—It is a time both to reflect and to speak out. Today in Houston, is the funeral and burial of George Floyd, a black American murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. In the past two weeks, millions have demonstrated across the U.S. and around the world, against this crime and all injustice. Today’s church ceremony and speeches are a somber moment. One of the many pastors present asked, when will this finally end?

It is also the time to speak out. Statesman Lyndon LaRouche did so, through his entire life, and is speaking out now through his legacy. Twenty years ago, he spoke directly about the interrelationship between community, the economy and police. In April 2000 in New York City, at a meeting called to address the “New Violence” as it was called then, LaRouche located the cause of that violence in the destruction of U.S. communities, the lack of healthcare, the cost of housing:

“Why don’t we talk about the problems, the real problems, which are hitting hard at families? … Let’s go into the areas of the poor: Look at the growth of the homeless; look at the quasi-homeless; look at the effect of rising rental costs, and availabilty of housing, as compared with income, as you go down the ladder in the lower 80% of income brackets.

“These are real problems. The violence, the New Violence phenomenon—consider these problems as the tinder….

“The violence by new kinds of police forces, which are no longer the cop on the corner, part of the community, no longer the professional policeman who knows how to prevent violence. We don’t have the cop on the beat any more. We don’t have the police department which is integrated with the community, which is watching what’s going on, which steps in when something new is changing that threatens the community, and it helps. It doesn’t shoot, it works with the community to bring the situation under control. They are really peace officers, not kill officers.”

Today, we sound the call to address the economy and the sovereign individual. There is no future otherwise. True, there are multiple crisis points demanding attention, but the old, murderous order is disintegrating, and we must establish a new system. It is do or die. The newly issued “LaRouche Plan To Reopen the U.S. Economy—The World Needs 1.5 Billion new, productive Jobs,” is the catalyst. The world’s space program, with the United States back in action under President Trump’s initiative, is critical for all humanity.

This perspective allows for the defense of all individuals and sovereign governments, in particular the defense of the institution of the presidency of the United States, under siege from the British imperium behind the old order.

An example of the old order British us-vs.-them geopolitics was seen yesterday in an internet event—“NATO 2030”—sponsored by the Atlantic Council. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg presented what he called his new vision, for a “global approach” expanding NATO—ostensibly the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—by having the Pacific nations of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea join with NATO nations into a military, political and economic globalist alliance. When asked by a German Marshall Fund official, “Is this against China?” Stoltenberg, after mouthing a demurral, then said that China’s economic size and expansion into Africa and the Arctic, and working more closely with Russia, defines a new security challenge to which NATO must respond.

This outlook is not merely an imperial throwback, it is insanely dangerous in the current context of escalating nuclear armament by the U.S., Russia and China. We could have nuclear holocaust “by accident.” We need just the opposite—international collaboration, and the ending of blocs and confrontations. It is urgent for the leaders of the major powers—the United States, Russia, China, India—to confer directly, and lead the way to “what happens next” for a positive future for all humanity.

It is time to speak out.