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Trump, López Obrador, and LaRouche

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LPAC—On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a discussion characterized by friendship and respect, summed up by López Obrador during his joint press conference with Trump, when he spoke directly to the American people, saying: “I’m here to express to the people of the United States that their President has behaved with us with kindness and respect. You have treated us just as what we are: a country and a dignified people; a free, democratic, and sovereign people. Long live the friendship of our two nations.” The planning for the meeting recalled the relationship between Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juárez, as reflected in López Obrador’s laying wreaths at monuments to both Lincoln and Juárez during his visit.

It also echoed and reflected the relationship between presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche and Mexican President José López Portillo, which extended over decades. Following up on years of policy proposals for forging a new world economic order, LaRouche in May 1982 met with then-President López Portillo, with whom he discussed his proposals for Mexico to work with other Ibero-American nations to form a debtors’ cartel, for establishing exchange controls, and the need for López Portillo to nationalize the banks to make possible an aggressive industrialization of the nation. Following the meeting, LaRouche issued an August report Operation Juárez (PDF), which laid out a vision for the development of Mexico and for international cooperation. On September 1, 1982, López Portillo gave his last State of the Union address, in which he announced that he had implemented one of the components of Operation Juárez— he had nationalized the banks and established exchange controls, sending in the military to supervise the banks.

Then on October 1, López Portillo addressed the United Nations General Assembly: “But the most constant concern and activity of Mexico in the international arena, is the transition to a New Economic Order.... We have insisted that the entire gamut of economic and social relations of the developing countries and the industrialized world, must be transformed. The reduction of available credit for developing countries has serious consequences, not only for them, but also for production and employment in the industrial world. Let us not continue in this vicious circle. It could be the beginning of a new medieval dark age, without the possibility of a Renaissance.” He demanded that pragmatism give way to justice: “Let us make what is reasonable possible. Let us recall the tragic conditions in which we created this Organization, and the hopes that were placed in it. The place is here, and the time is now.”

López Portillo—and LaRouche—were right!

The successful discussion between Trump and AMLO, derided by most of the media, is the kind of cooperative discussion that must be held among the leaders of the United States, Russia, China, and India—a discussion in keeping with Trump’s 2016 campaign, when he repeatedly pointed out that a good relationship with Russia and China “is a good thing.” Such a summit is an urgent necessity, to make possible the kinds of large-scale, productive (rather than “green”) projects to develop the infrastructure, manufacturing, scientific, and political platform to drive the economy to a higher level of productivity, which itself requires acknowledging and cleaning up the outrageously overinflated financial values that will collapse nearly instantly if the constant flows of central bank money are turned off.

Needed action cannot wait for the November U.S. election.

The proposal from President Vladimir Putin for a summit of the leaders of the UN Security Council’s five permanent members is an immediately viable opportunity to create the kind of discussion needed. The ongoing assault against President Donald Trump in the United States must be defeated, and the summit must occur as soon as possible!