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International Webinar
Learn More about Fusion Power and Space Exploration

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An Intervening Conversation
Does Human Progress Live in Space Now?
A Galactic View of Humanity

Saturday, July 18, 2PM EDT

LaRouchePAC will host a webinar on July 18th, on space exploration as the means to take another large leap for mankind, a leap which is particularly needed now as we deal with COVID and its economic devastation. We would like very much for you to attend and participate, particularly if you are young and intrigued with the idea of creating a future loaded with awesome new discoveries about the nature of humans and the nature of our universe, overcoming the barriers which only seem to stand in our way.

The existential question that had been often posed by American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche is, “What is man in the universe?” “For example, human existence is not merely conditional on the conditions on Earth, the conditions on Earth are subject to changes in the changing conditions of life within the Solar System. In turn, the conditions for human life within the Solar System as a
whole, are shaped by the cyclical and other changes within our galaxy.” LaRouche insisted that the universe itself was provably anti-entropic and creative and that harnessing that creativity was the mission of mankind.

Did you know that right now on the International Space Station scientists are using microgravity, which allows for growth in three dimensions, to attempt to grow human organs for transplant use on Earth?

Right now also, 3D printing is being used to create the parts needed for extended space exploration, right on the space station, in space, rather than the very expensive process of creating and ferrying spare parts and repaired parts into space from Earth.

Have you thought about the fact that nations are racing now to mine helium-3 on the Moon? The isotope is plentiful there and makes fusion energy possible. Fusion energy is the means to power exploration of the universe and ensure that every place on Earth has an available cheap energy source.

This month marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission that launched on July 15, 1975. Through space cooperation we have continued to broaden the imagination, and develop the higher human identity found at the frontiers of scientific discovery.

This month the United States is preparing to launch the 2020 Mars Perseverance Rover, which will carry with it the first Mars helicopter, Ingenuity. China will be launching its first Mars mission with an orbiter and rover, Tianwen-1, and the United Arab Emirates will launch their Mars orbiter, Hope or Al Amal, on a Japanese JAXA rocket.

What if a new generation of our youth, like the Apollo generation, were trained at the highest level of science and in the bold attitude of mind which conquers the unknown, the promise now implicit in President Trump’s Artemis program? There would be no limits to human progress.