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Responses to William Binney’s July 23 Press Conference

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EIRNS—As of this morning, former National Security Agency technical director Bill Binney’s press conference July 23rd, to expose the proof that there was no Russian hack—nor any hack—of the DNC computer in 2016—which was hosted by EIR and the Schiller Institute on the Schiller Institute YouTube channel, had a peak of nearly 600 concurrent viewers during the live stream, an additional 6,000 views of the archived presentation, and 68 comments. Outreach for the event brought the support and participation of numerous notable people.

Maram Susli (Syrian Girl, @Partisangirl on Twitter), who has over 150,000 Twitter followers and 90,000 YouTube subscribers, tweeted out the event twice, tweeting, “I was honoured to participate in a conference about Assange and the DNC leaks with Former NSA director Bill Binney as speaker. I highly recommend listening in on it.”

Christine Assange, Julian Assange’s mother, tweeted about the event to her 30,000 followers, retweeted Hussein Askary’s tweet announcing that the stream was live, and reported that she had forwarded the announcement to her list of 200 journalists.

Kim Dotcom both participated in the dialogue by Zoom and retweeted Christine Assange’s tweet to his 700,000 followers.

Former U.K. Ambassador Craig Murray, who had written to Robert Mueller offering to testify on the matter of the WikiLeaks release of DNC material, posted an announcement about the event on his website and kept it up despite pushback about the Schiller Institute. The 100 comments on his post include an interesting discussion of the LaRouche movement, with one comment: “Overall I’m wary of people telling me that a source is troubling when the information it provides goes against the accepted narrative (and is demonstrably true). One might think that those ‘concerned citizens’ are in fact just trying to discredit the information.”

Journalist Daniel Estulin tweeted to his nearly 45,000 followers the link for the event, in both Spanish and English—“I very strongly advise everyone to register and participate in Binney’s press conference today. A must!”—and retweeted Christine Assange.

Another media outlet, which had posed a question during the event, emailed its appreciation: “This news conference was excellent, and I noticed that we have a lot of the New Media writers involved in it... I would like to be in the loop for things like this. It is spot on.”

Rogue News, whose journalists are in touch with Harley Schlanger and which RSVPed for the event, posted the Schiller stream on their YouTube channel. The number of live viewers is unknown, but it has since drawn 1,500 views.

Thursday night, the Gateway Pundit ran an article on the event, writing that “the presentation was riveting” and citing their own question about Seth Rich. The article embeds the YouTube video, and it has garnered over 100 comments.

Sputnik covered was headlined, “DNC Leaks ‘Were Not Hacked’ They Were Downloaded and Provided to WikiLeaks, NSA Whistleblower Says.”

See the Internet Press Conference of July 23: ‘Neither General Flynn nor Roger Stone Was Guilty, Because There Was No Russian Hack’: William Bill Binney Makes His Case to the World