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President Trump’s Project Warp Speed; The Crash Science Driver To Decapitate Covid-19

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LPAC—Lyndon LaRouche’s long-time associate Dr. Ned Rosinsky has published a review of the explosion of medical advances which are coming out of the COVID-19 crash vaccine program and related science. The review, from this week’s EIR Magazine, can be found here (PDF).

President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is propelling this massive effort, providing over $10 billion to pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe. Rosinsky notes that the American population continues to hold strong with the Idea of Progress when it comes to medical advances. This, despite widespread confusion regarding nuclear energy, the carbon footprint, or the need for space exploration, due to the Green Revolution line pushed by the British oligarchy through the Democratic Party and their allies in the news media and the public health establishment. Despite their efforts to place the blame for every virus death on the President and to blame him for the consequences of the shutdown they advocated, Trump has, from the beginning placed his faith in science and human ingenuity, where it belongs. He has constantly said he is siding with optimism rather than the fear and pessimism spread by his Malthusian opponents.

Rosinsky, reviews the history of vaccine development, which has accelerated at an exponential rate up to the present time. This exponential growth has currently reached the point of a Riemannian singularity, in which the advanced use of DNA and RNA techniques developed for vaccine research and production have been generalized to provide treatments for other diseases that have a genetic basis, including common diseases such as cancer, and rarer diseases such as ALS. Thus, in a manner which would please Lyndon LaRouche, a pending foreseeable disaster has turned into the opportunity to conquer whole ranges of disease, not just COVID. We think you will be as excited by Dr. Rosinsky’s article as we were.

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