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The Entire World Is on the Precipice

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EIRNS—Every corner of the globe is in a state of destabilization. It would be a horrible mistake to think that these are distinct phenomena, or that any one of the crises could be resolved in isolation from the global crisis facing mankind as a whole. The central issue facing each and every nation and each and every institution is the urgency that the leaders of the world’s major powers, including emphatically the U.S., Russia and China, hold a summit, within the coming weeks, to stop the rush to war and address the multiple existential threats to Mankind. Such an event has been proposed by Vladimir Putin in the form of a summit of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (P-5), and the proposal has been accepted by all five leaders, but the date is uncertain. The Schiller Institute has announced an international conference to be held Sept. 5-6 focused on the urgency for such a summit.

A survey of developments just in the past few days in a few of the multiple crisis spots makes it clear:

• The U.S. State Department and DOJ reported today that they have seized four Iranian ships, claiming they were delivering oil to Venezuela. Such piracy could well provoke a retaliation from Iran. At the same time, the U.S. is demanding the UNSC overturn the JCPOA. President Putin has today issued an emergency call for the P-5 plus Germany and Iran to hold an emergency summit, immediately, to “prevent confrontation or a spike in tensions within the UN Security Council” and a possible global war.

• In Europe, a “Colour Revolution” is taking place in Belarus, paralleling the coup carried out in Ukraine in 2014, which was orchestrated by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros and others, placing overtly Nazi organizations in power and serving to justify a NATO preparation for war with Russia.

• In Asia, the U.S. sent a high-level cabinet member to Taiwan, meeting with Taiwan’s president, provoking a PLA exercise in the Taiwan Strait intending to demonstrate China’s willingness and capability to defend the sovereign principle of One-China, militarily if necessary.

• In the U.S., a senile criminal, Joe Biden, was instructed to choose as a running mate an open supporter of the insurrection taking place on the streets of America, as well as the Green New Deal to shut down the U.S. and the world economy, a policy openly sponsored by Wall Street and the Bank of England.

This is happening while the Covid-19 cases worldwide rush close to 21 million, with three-quarters of a million deaths, and no end in sight. It happens while the printing presses at the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the EU Central Bank are creating trillions of dollars every month, almost entirely to bail out the derivative bubble in the banking system, which is ready to explode at any moment.

The institutions created at the end of World War II have failed. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vision for the post-war world devoid of colonies, based on American System development of the former colonies, was sabotaged following his death before the end of the war. Instead, British puppet Harry Truman initiated the era of nuclear terror, Schrecklichkeit, and helped the imperial powers back to their colonies.

Forty-nine years ago this Saturday—August 15 1971—Richard Nixon “pulled the plug” on the legacy of FDR by scrapping the Bretton Woods system, unleashing mass speculation in place of American System-directed credit. The LaRouchePAC Saturday conference dialogue will address this disaster in American history, and present the required global solution, with EIR Economics Editor Paul Gallagher.

You are encouraged to attend this conference, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, and to register and help mobilize for the crucial Schiller Institute conference, “War Drive Towards Armageddon, Or a New Paradigm Among Sovereign Nations United by the Common Aims of Mankind?” on Sept. 5-6.