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Artemis and the True Science of Human Advancement

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LPAC—Michael Steger, Kesha Rogers, Brian Lantz and Ben Denniston advance Lyndon LaRouche’s drive to lift humanity into an incredible future. Already, the Artemis Project is the greatest endeavor of exploration in human history, and represents an evolutionary leap in mankind’s existence in the Universe, something only equivalent to the emergence of life onto land from the primordial oceans 500 million years ago.

But as the political establishment, intelligence community, and mainstream media are all well aware, this project - as Apollo before it - is critical to the restoration of a pro-growth, industrial and manufacturing-based United States economy, and to a new global system based not on monetary globalization, but based on the industrial development of all nations and people. Therefore, this effort is up against the Empire. Join the fight for this future.

Note: Due to a system crash, 3 minutes of Kesha Rogers’ presentation is missing.

-* Introduction by Michael Steger

  • The Space Program: The Next Step in the Evolution of the Human Species — Kesha Rogers
  • Realizing Artemis: a Space CCC and the Means to Moon Colonization — Brian Lantz
  • The Science only Space can Bring — Ben Deniston
  • Concluding Q & A