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LaRouche And Trump; The Time For Reckoning Is Now

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LPAC—On October 6, 1986, thirty-four years ago Tuesday, 400 federal and state law enforcement agents swept into Leesburg, Virginia, along with privately owned tanks marshalled by Middleburg, Virginia Hunt Country scion Magalen Ohrstrom Bryant, on standby. Ostensibly, the assault was in order to serve outrageously overbroad federal and state search warrants on entities associated with Lyndon LaRouche.

The original warrants did not target LaRouche personally, lacking even made-up pretexts to do so. Two members of LaRouche’s security team were arrested along with a fundraiser for the LaRouche movement, based on an indictment issued under the auspices of Robert Mueller, then U.S. Attorney in Boston. This is the same Robert Mueller who conducted the baseless witch hunt against Donald Trump and those associated with the President.

The documents seized in the raids were taken to a military base, Henderson Hall at Ft. Myer, hardly the normal process for securing documents seized under search warrants. The pretext for doing so, that the LaRouche movement would somehow penetrate a fortified Marine base and steal the documents back, was laughable, and yet that is the reason which appears in federal documents about why this was done. Later it turned out, that the tanks controlled by Herb Bryant, Mrs. Bryant’s son, were actually procured by Colonel Tom Harvey, a military aide to Vice-President George H.W. Bush.

FBI and Virginia State Police agents, including a heavy SWAT unit, surrounded the farm where Lyndon LaRouche and Helga LaRouche stayed. Helicopters buzzed repeatedly overhead. The news media broadcast that soon there would be an armed entry into the farm. LaRouche sent a telegram to President Reagan urging his intervention and, suddenly, those surrounding the farm stood down.

Subsequent government documents and testimony revealed that a second search warrant had been sought for entry to the farm, but never materialized. Loudoun Deputy Sheriff Donald Moore confessed years later, to an FBI informant, that the plan was to enter the farm and kill LaRouche in a provoked firefight with his security personnel. All of this was done against people former Attorney General Ramsey Clark aptly characterized as “book people.” The ideas of Lyndon LaRouche had had a profound impact on the American people and his movement was expanding. The secret government had decided to stop him and his movement at whatever cost. A subsequent FOIA document revealed that all of this was instigated based on a demand from the British government.

This country has been facing a similar completely extralegal assault against Donald Trump and his supporters for four years now. The efforts of the President and his Attorney General William Barr to stop what amounts to a cold coup against the Presidency of the United States has been stalled at every turn by an intelligence community seeking to cover up the crimes it committed in a headlong and reckless effort to prevent Trump’s election, while fighting to continue the national security and economic policies which have destroyed the United States. John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, testified to the Congress that the British, as early as 2015, were demanding an investigation of Trump. That demand was clearly based on the President’s desire to work with Russia on terrorism and to end wars.

On Sunday, Oct. 4th, Congressman Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that he has seen what he calls evidence of bombshell criminality by the intelligence agencies working for Barack Obama. This evidence has been cued up for declassification by Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. Other evidence of criminality, already seen by members of Congress, has been blocked from being shared with the public under the rubric of “classification.”

Nunes said that the intelligence community should be shut down if it continues to block the efforts of Ratcliffe and others to declassify evidence of crimes which have been committed, and defamatory myths which have been invented and peddled by a controlled news media, in the effort to defeat the Trump presidency. Extant executive orders and regulations prevent classification of documents based on potential embarrassment to agencies or to cover up crimes. Congressman Nunes is correct, and the games being played must stop. The American people need to know about this before they cast their votes for President.

Following the election, the implicated Obama Administration officials, fearing they would be caught, and determined to subvert the clear message of Trump’s election—stop the endless wars, end globalization, rebuild the United States—continued their military- grade information-warfare campaign to turn the population on the President. The head of the FBI, James Comey, set out to frame the President himself for obstruction of justice, and when Trump fired him, the dirty prosecutor, Robert Mueller, was brought in to continue the assault.

Nothing illustrates this better than the case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn was the most significant “scalp” procured by Robert Mueller when Flynn signed a plea deal in December of 2017. But, it now turns out, everything about this case was rigged from the start to frame a man who was innocent of the charges. Every aspect of the evidence proving Flynn’s innocence was deliberately withheld from Flynn’s defense team.

Obama dictated the prosecution of Michael Flynn personally, in an Oval Office meeting on Jan. 5, 2017, after the FBI had cleared General Flynn. His reasons? Mike Flynn knew all about the secret government which has held this nation hostage. He had vowed to totally reorganize the intelligence community. He advocated working with Russia on areas of mutual concern, like terrorism. Like Smedley Butler who called out the Wall Street coup against Franklin Roosevelt, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was director of Defense Intelligence Agency (2012-2014), had personally exposed Obama’s planned war crimes in Syria, supporting and arming the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra along with other Sunni extremists. He had accurately predicted the rise of ISIS from Obama’s Syria fixations, complaining so loudly and openly that Obama fired him. He could prove that the “deliberate decisions” of the Obama Administration caused the rise of ISIS and all the carnage which followed in its wake.

Now, Flynn still twists, after the Justice Department moved to dismiss the charges and refused any further prosecution. A federal judge, Emmet Sullivan, a close friend of Obama’s wingman, then Attorney General Eric Holder, is trying to prosecute the case himself, violating the Constitution’s separation of powers, while the media cheers him on.

Congressman Nunes is right. The charade must end now. All of the materials identified by the House in its investigation, and by John Durham and John Ratcliffe in their subsequent investigations, as well as other documents detailing the cold coup against the President, must be declassified now, before the election. This includes, most emphatically, the British role, that of NATO, and that of Ukraine. It also includes the role of Pentagon entities, such as the Office of Net Assessments and any operations undertaken pursuant to E.O. 12333 by private contractors and/or journalists acting at the behest of the intelligence community. The American people must have the opportunity to absorb their meaning. Nothing less than the Constitution of the United States is at stake.