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Current Treatments Against COVID-19

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EIRNS—Although an effective vaccine is still months away, numerous countries are working on treatments, (as well as the search for a vaccine) many of which are at least partially effective in mitigating the effects of the virus:

RUSSIA — In August 2020, Russia announced the first vaccine, Sputnik V, and has begun making it available to high-risk groups (such as health-care workers), but has yet to begin vaccination of the general population. It has begun Phase 3 testing with 40,000 volunteers, and production rights for millions of doses have been sold to Brazil, India and Mexico.


Remdesivir — Effective against MERS (a coronavirus); being tested in clinical trials; has reduced recovery time from 15 days to 11 days from COVID-19

EIDD-2801 — Research in mice has shown it can reduce replication of multiple coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Favipiravir — limited success in China, but no published reports as yet; 43 countries are conducting clinical trials

Kaletra — effective against HIV; clinical trials ongoing to see if effective against COVID-19


Ibuprofen — due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has shown some effectiveness in reducing symptoms

Interferon beta — this is produced by the body during viral infections; it can be inhaled directly by COVID-19 patients, and showed an effectiveness of reducing severe symptoms in patients by 79%

Vitamin D — numerous clinical trials are being conducted globally to determine if Vitamin D supplements could reduce or prevent the symptoms of COVID-19.

In a speech given on Oct. 10, President Donald Trump expressed his deep optimism in the American “can-do” spirit: “Through the power of the American — the American spirit, I think more than anything else, science, medicine will eradicate [this virus] once and for all. We’ll get rid of it. All over the world, you see big flare-ups in Europe, big flare-ups in Canada — a very big flare-up in Canada; you saw that today. A lot of flare-ups. But it’s going to disappear; it is disappearing. And vaccines are going to help, and the therapeutics are going to help a lot.” [jgw]