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A Matter of Life or Death— Call for International Mobilization of Food Resources To Fight Starvation in Africa

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SI—My name is Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane. I am the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa. But I make this urgent appeal not as a citizen of my country, but as a spokesman for all those who are now starving or who will soon face starvation in Africa, and have no one to speak on their behalf.

Right now, many millions of my fellow Africans are starving. They are starving thanks to a combination of deliberately enforced underdevelopment of my continent—enforced by the neocolonial power of the British Empire, acting through their financial power in the City of London and Wall Street—now intersecting both a global pandemic and locust plagues and other natural disasters affecting food production on the continent. To use the technical language, they are suffering from “Acute Food Insecurity Phase 4: Emergency,” one step away from “Phase 5: Famine.” If you drop the polite jargon, they are already starving, while millions more will also face starvation unless food is made available to them quickly.

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