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Biden’s Bankster Controllers At War With Your Future

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LPAC—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have now played out her game of a fifth COVID relief act, which national media have taken to calling a “stimulus” act for no good reason. Pelosi long ago rejected the bill which could have been passed, with efforts promised by the President — the $1.5-1.6 trillion Problem Solvers Caucus bill. She has teased out negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on a bill in the neighborhood of $2 trillion which cannot be passed in the Senate until at least the Lame Duck Session in mid-November. In Europe, too, a so- called European Recovery Plan is being pushed off well into 2021.

The prior COVID “relief” bills which both the United States and Germany previously enacted by the trillions, have provided some relief to desperate citizens but also helped the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank rescue failing corporate debt and the big banks that hold it, creating still more illicit and unpayable debt in the process.

And they lead in the direction of what Joe Biden was laughably trying to run away from in Thursday’s s debate: the Democratic Party’s Green New Deal. Those City of London and Wall Street banks want it as their new financial bubble, for huge investment flows into primitive technologies that will not support the population. Now that Biden is the spokesman for a political party directly out to rip whole sections from the U.S. Constitution, let’s not forget that for decades he was the “Senator from MBNA” (Bank of America after 2005) and sponsor of any legislation Wall Street wanted.

President Franklin Roosevelt brought the economy back from the Great Depression by focusing on physical economic productivity, great projects of electric power, navigation, irrigation, transportation which required entirely new technological breakthroughs to build. Breakthroughs in nuclear physics, radiation beam technologies, optics, computing sciences and other fields followed. And so, too, did big advances in agricultural science and technology, and parity prices to farmers. That clearly is the direction taken by President Trump in his crash program for Moon/Mars space colonization and Project Warp Speed to defeat the virus. With his re-election that approach can be vastly expanded. Biden, by contrast, promises a New Dark Age for anyone who doesn’t run in his corrupt bankster circles.

The power of the City of London banks, the British financial empire backed by Wall Street, has constantly grown since the 1970s when they destroyed FDR’s productive Bretton Woods system and replaced it with financialization and speculation. The capacities of industry and manufacturing had completely shrunk when President Donald Trump began working to bring them back; the task is bigger now than what Roosevelt faced.

To meet that challenge, the economic “laws” of the great economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche can be put to work now. Drive the recovery “from the top” with the science frontiers: Ensure Trump’s Moon-Mars mission is a crash colonization program and link it up with other nations. Nationalize the Federal Reserve to make it a Hamiltonian national bank providing the credit for new infrastructure and manufacturing technologies. We could be exporting the new capital goods produced to developing countries which need them, including eliminating the famine which has now struck Africa in the wake of COVID. The second Trump Administration can be a total revival of the American System. Joe Biden aims the opposite, the complete subjugation of the United States, begun under George H.W. Bush, to the new British globalist imperium.