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IAEA Invites You to ’Have Fun’ With New Global Map of Fusion Experiments

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IAEA—Check out the IAEA’s new webpage identifying the locations of all known experimental fusion research devices worldwide. Based on information which it collects and then reviews with the International Fusion Research Council, the IAEA launched a new webpage with a world map indicating where the 115 fusion research projects, in 26 countries, are either now operating (90), under construction (8), closed (2) or planned (15).

Each project is identified: 94 of them public, 21 private; 64 of them Tokamaks, 13 Stellarators/Heliotrons; 7 laser; and 31 based on differing “Innovative/Alternative Concepts”. By clicking on each site on the map, you can find the basic information on the project and a link to its webpage. As the IAEA tweeted in announcing its new map on Nov. 1: “Have fun!”