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Sweeping Aside Political ‘Realities’ To Redefine What Is Possible

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EIRNS—Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s lead article in the German weekly Neue Solidarität —“The Post-Pandemic World Order: The Image of Man Is the Key”—in which she confronts us with cultural paradoxes that must be addressed to be able to secure a world in which geopolitics is replaced by the pursuit of common interests, green death is supplanted by growth and purpose, and a successful victory by Trump in the election—opens:

“Although the mainstream media are outdoing one another in presenting Joe Biden and his projected cabinet of super-hawks as the next U.S. Administration, and President Trump as a populist monster babbling on about vote fraud, those same media may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The sworn statements of eye witnesses, documenting various aspects of vote fraud in the ‘swing states,’ represent legal evidence. State representatives and senators of Pennsylvania have just announced their intention to make use of their constitutional right to appoint the electors to the Electoral College themselves.

“There are manifold possibilities that the proof of electronic vote fraud via Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines can be produced on time, and that this evidence will suffice to reverse the results of the election. Should that happen, the world will be on the verge of a dam bursting, such that literally not one stone will be left standing on another, and most of the current assumptions about the political realities in the trans-Atlantic world will be swept away. Presumably, the next two weeks leading to the decision of the Electoral College on the confirmation of the next President of the United States will see many aspects of the vote fraud brought to light, in spite of the attempted censorship.

“Related to this issue, but touching on the deeper causes of the current civilizational crisis, President Putin noted in his address to the Oct. 20 annual meeting of the Valdai Club that we are living in an era of obvious international shocks and crises. As the reason for this crisis, he cited the paradox that mankind, on the one hand, has reached a high level of technological and socio-economic development, but is facing, on the other hand, an erosion of moral values and reference points, and the feeling that their existence no longer makes sense, or that the purpose of mankind on this planet Earth has been lost. The crisis, Putin went on, cannot be settled through diplomatic negotiations or even a large international conference, but requires a complete revision of our priorities and goals. And this must begin with every single individual, he explained, every community, and every state, and only then can a global configuration emerge.”

The perpetrators of the outrageous efforts to deny President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, and to drive him from the White House now, must be exposed and defeated. The potential to do just that took a big step forward at the Nov. 28 meeting of the International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections, which delivered an invigorating sense of the enormous stakes we face and the enormous potential to cast aside the “traditional” political beliefs that must not be allowed to hold us back in this historic moment.

Share the event and the fight represented by those leaders now stepping to the fore to demand truth in elections, and a future for the world, which is available in Schiller Institute’s webpage, including documentary material—and, soon, an abridged transcript, which will also appear in the EIR weekly magazine.