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Fourth Annual Memorial of the Victims of Christmas 2016 TU 154 Plane Crash

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SI—Members of the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus and the Bayonne, NJ Fire Department held the fourth memorial on Monday, December 28, for the 64 members of Russia’s Red Army Chorus, and the others, including journalists and beloved relief doctor Elisabeta Glinka, who perished when their plane crashed into the Black Sea, shortly after take off on December 25th, 2016.

The event this year was small, due to COVID restrictions, limiting participation to 24 people, which included Dmitry Chumakov, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Captain Donald Haiber of the Bayonne Fire Department and his honor guard, John Sigerson, Vice President of the Schiller Institute, members of the chorus, and two Russian press.

Captain Haiber officiated. After the American and Russian anthems were sung, Mr. Chumakov spoke about how deeply grateful he and his colleagues are to see the empathetic response for the American people for the tragedy which occurred 4 years ago. He said that the fact that we have persevered for four years indicates the strength of the friendship and that those people will never be forgotten.

This resonated with Capt. Haiber, who also spoke about 9/11, and how much the gift from Russia of the Memorial meant to the American people in that dark hour.

John Sigerson spoke on the theme of the “best of all possible worlds” where, as in the Brahms Naenie, meanness and ugliness will go down to oblivion.

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