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How the American System Can Defeat British Malthusian Genocide

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TLO—As a result of years of media lies and disinformation, and outright brainwashing in the education system, few are aware that the major battle today is between the American System of Physical Economy, as advanced by Lyndon LaRouche, and the British Imperial System of Genocide.

The national credit system developed by Alexander Hamilton has been the target of the City of London "free traders" and its allies since the time of the American Revolution. Today, London’s allies include the corporate cartels of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the anti-sovereignty leadership of the European Union. To win this fight, real American patriots must not be diverted by lies spewed forth by agents of the City of London, blaming Russia and China, when it is the historic enemy of America — the British Empire — which has been running the coup against Donald Trump, to protect its globalist world order.