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The LaRouche Solution Provides Direction in a Time of Created Chaos

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EIRNS—President Donald Trump won the presidency as the Republican candidate in 2016, not because he represented that party, but because he broke with many of its precepts. He vowed to drain the swamp, to take on the intelligence agencies, to foster good relations with Russia and China, to rebuild industry, and to uncompromisingly oppose Green policies. The movement that he built reached something special in the American psyche, and addressed itself to questions that the establishment Beltway politicians ignored: the well-being of the forgotten men and women, people derided as “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton. He mobilized enormous numbers of voters in 2020, and stood to be a significant force in reshaping the Republican Party.

How do the events of Wednesday fit in? Just as the House and Senate were debating the objections raised to the Arizona electoral votes, a violent mob—small compared to the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out to support Trump that day—that broke through the security perimeter at the U.S. Capitol. Photos of a shirtless barbarian occupying the presiding officer’s chair in the Senate, of a man with a Trump hat walking off with the Speaker’s lectern, and of crowds of people smashing windows and breaking through doors to the Capitol have been used as ammunition to denounce Trump as a thug. He has been blamed as the instigator of the mob, as an inciter to violence. He has been accused of running a coup, and judged guilty of committing an “unprecedented assault” against democracy.

Impeachment is proposed, and there is talk of using the provisions of the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Meanwhile, he has been locked out of both Twitter and Facebook, in part because he posted a one-minute video urging people to peacefully leave the Capitol!

Cui bono? Who benefits from this situation? Who deployed the provocateurs? Who is responsible for the totally inadequate security on hand? These are all questions to be investigated and exposed. What is already clear is that the breaching of the Capitol derailed much of the force of the debate about the 2020 election, by shutting down the congressional session and making the mob itself the subject of discussion. Today’s events are already being used to kick off a new round of attacks against Trump between now and Jan. 20, and to criminalize protest and limit free speech rights. Already Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times ran an article entitled, “The Storming of Capitol Hill Was Organized on Social Media,” which is only a small taste of the torrent of calls for censorship to come.

Where will this leave the Republican Party? Will it become again the party of the Bushes?

Trump may not be America’s next President, but he is America’s current President. What will he do in his remaining two weeks in office to overthrow the chessboard and deal a strategic blow to the British Empire and their American allies? Will he break from the anti-China lies being peddled by those posing as his friends? Will he take on the British Empire’s efforts to prevent cooperation among the world’s major powers to replace geopolitics with a new paradigm of international relations? Will he use his power to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche and pardon Snowden and Assange? This would dramatically improve the strategic situation, and be a profound blow to his enemies.

The LaRouche Organization was providing the needed leadership in this crisis even as today’s events unfolded in Washington. The Jan. 6 edition of the Washington Times prominently featured a half-page ad on p. A3 of their print edition, with the headline: “Stop the Fraud: Exonerate LaRouche!”