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The Immortal Talent Of Martin Luther King

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Lyndon LaRouche’s truly inspired and startling 2004 presentation of January 19, 2004 is ever more important.

Will we react with fear, or with anger, or even worse indifference, or will take inspiration from the common vision of leaders so separated in time and space as France’s Joan of Arc and America’s Martin Luther King? Will we hear the voice of our common God in whose image we have been made as did Martin and Joan? Mr. LaRouche challenges us to “to tap into that power,” then you can act with “a sense of what your life means. You have a sense of obligation, a mission in life to uplift the nation, by uplifting” your nation’s people.

Lyndon LaRouche is introduced by Amelia Boynton Robinson, a hero in her own right and a former vice chairwoman of the Schiller Institute.