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Why 2021 Is, Again, the Year of Beethoven

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EIRNS—Stop watching the YouTube videos about what supposedly really happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6!

To understand and successfully respond to the events of the last week, start with the big picture. The entire trans-Atlantic financial system is in a breakdown crisis, and the only way that London-led empire can survive is by pulling off what they euphemistically refer to as their “Great Reset,” which really means a fascist reorganization of their utterly bankrupt financial system into a supranational “digital currency” scam, and drastic deindustrialization and depopulation of the nations of the planet. The storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was designed to usher in such a coup in the United States, and to lock it in place with Jacobin-style censorship of any and all opposition voices.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. In 1933, there was the Reichstag Fire: agents provocateur created the incident; security-stripping facilitated it; and the intended effect occurred: Hitler’s putsch was consolidated. Similarly on September 11, 2001: London-run Saudi terrorists were deployed; security was strangely lacking; and the intended effect was put in place: the Patriot Act with two-decades of foreign wars and an implacable “surveillance state.”

And now the Capitol, on Jan. 6, 2021: provocateurs led the charge; no security of any significance was on hand; and the intended effect has been set in motion: the Great Reset, with a pliable Joe Biden in the White House and all opposition in the process of being muzzled by the social media.

With that in mind, there are three broad points to be emphasized to properly measure the current strategic battlefield and correlation of forces, and the needed course of action:

1) What transpired on Jan. 6 was a classic “gang-countergang” operation, straight out of the handbook of Britain’s Tavistock Institute and Brig. Gen. Frank Kitson’s counter-insurgency manual. The debate over whether the professional provocateurs who led the assault on the Capitol were “Proud Boys,” “Antifa,” or one or both dressed up as the other, entirely misses the point. This was a classic “third force” operation, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in her Jan. 9 Manhattan Project webcast, where the intelligence services deploy to deliberately trigger violence to achieve their intended shock effect. The rest are dupes, well-meaning or otherwise.

2) Sane forces in the U.S. have powerful potential allies internationally to defeat this operation. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a strong and growing alternative to the Great Reset, and its dynamic has already swept up the majority of the world’s population. Mark Zuckerberg may control Facebook. But China is building railroads and dams in Africa. Peru, which has one of the highest per capita death rates from COVID-19 on the planet, had been told that it would only get a few vaccines from the WHO at the end of 2021, and not be able to purchase significant numbers of vaccines on the world market until 2022 or 2023. But last week China informed Peru that they would provide the country 38 million vaccines, with the first million arriving this month. That will cover nearly 20 million of Peru’s 33 million people.

Do you really think the nation of Peru is going to care more about Zuckerberg’s Facebook rules and Pompeo’s anti-Chinese rants, than vaccinating its population? There is a reality principle at work here, of the physical economy and the laws of the physical universe, that the British cannot evade.

Furthermore, significant forces in other countries are aware of how the Capitol assault “narrative” is working, and the meaning of the brazen censorship being imposed by the Wall Street-run social media against all opposition. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described what Facebook is doing to President Trump and others as “a new Holy Inquisition” designed “to create a world government.” Russian senior analyst Fyodor Lukyanov, the chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, wrote that “Target number one is Trump himself. They want to make an example out of him, so that others wouldn’t dare challenge the sanctity of the political establishment... And the Capitol building debacle during the last days of his presidency has created a perfect pretext for cleaning house.”

3) The British gameplan has an even more fundamental weakness and vulnerability. Their plan is that you will not say, nor be allowed to hear, anything other than the vetted material available on social media. You will receive no information, no entertainment, that is not of that approved character. You will be told, as Bertrand Russell famously put it, that snow is black.

But there’s one thing that Russell and the British have overlooked. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on the nature of man being what they claim it is. Their informational dictatorship only works if knowledge is indeed premised on sense perception, if identity is defined by Bentham’s felicific calculus, by hedonism. But ask yourself: How would Helen Keller have responded to control of the social media? Would that have affected her conceptual powers, or her ability to understand how the world works? Would it have interfered with her capacity to “hear” and understand a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth?

In the final analysis, it is this nature of man, and the implicit powers of man’s mind to discover universal physical principles and shape the world in his image, as the Creator shapes us in His—a power for the Good which Lyndon LaRouche spent a lifetime discovering, conveying and augmenting—that is our greatest weapon in times such as these.

That is why 2021 is, again, the year of Beethoven.