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Fireside Chat US National Discussion

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TLO—The independent candidacy of Diane Sare against Wall Street’s Chuck Schumer provides Americans a national means of addressing the international “financial regime change” being discussed at this moment at the doomed World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, and implemented by the Biden Administration’s rejoining of the Paris Accords. The self-cannibalization process under way in the trans-Atlantic sector, expressed both in the attack on heavy industry and power generation, and the refusal, so far, to respond to the coronavirus pandemic with a crash program to build and expand medical facilities, must be reversed. How can that be done, when the ostensible divisions and divergences among nations and sectors within nations seem insurmountable?

Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, described by Lyndon LaRouche as the founder of modern physical science, invented a successful method to arrive at a higher unity for political progress. That method eventually led to the founding of the United States of America—the coincidence of Opposites. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has created a committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, dedicated to teaching Cusa’s method in action. This is immediately be applied specifically with respect to the need for a world health platform. Tonight we will report on the progress so far in this regard, as well as discuss how such a method can be applied to all areas of the present political crisis.