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Wall Street Financial Swindlers Are Bankrupt, and They Expect You to Pay for a New, Bigger Bail Out

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TLO—Ignore the chatter that the GameStop stock battle is over whether to "democratize" trading, and let the "little guy get a piece of the action." The real story, which will never be reported, is that the financial system is bankrupt, and a "full-fledged epic bubble" is about to pop, according to Jeremy Grantham.

The "Great Reset" and "Green New Deal" are only the latest scams to bailout a system which is a criminal Ponzi scheme, and should be shut down. What is needed, instead is the LaRouche Plan, his 4 Laws which would allow for an orderly bankruptcy reorganization — letting the swindlers eat their losses instead of being bailed out — and generating credit for physical production.