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Lift Your Eyes to the Stars: There Lies the Future!

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by Jason Ross

“Man yearns upward, toward the exploration of space, for one overriding purpose: the fuller development of mankind on Earth.” So concludes Lyndon LaRouche’s 1996 article “Space: The Ultimate Money Frontier.” With three spacecraft entering Mars orbit or landing on the red planet itself this month, the economic lessons LaRouche teaches are particularly relevant for creating a future-oriented policy in opposition to the Green evil of the “Great Reset.”

Looking back, the U.S. Apollo Moon mission, and the technological, scientific, and industrial advances required to make it possible, generated a ten-fold return on investment. This return was not monetary, like that of those institutional investors who made billions off the ascent of GameStop’s stock, but physical. The post-Apollo economy—and society—was enriched with specific technologies, improved machine tools and production techniques, and a bonanza of skilled engineers and workers.

In the present, the three spacecraft reaching Mars in the coming weeks—the United States’s Perseverance, China’s Tianwen-1, and the U.A.E.’s Hope—represent the commitments of those nations and their partners to expanding their capabilities and piercing the veil of the universe’s secrets.

Perseverance has microphones to record its entry and listen to the sound of its travel over the Martian terrain; two dozen cameras to record its landing, guide its navigation, view samples, use x-ray fluoroscopy and visible light to determine the chemical composition of rocks by zapping them with its laser, and create 3D views of its journey; a seven-foot robotic arm complete with a power drill with interchangeable bits for drilling out samples; a plutonium battery; and an array of antennas to keep in touch with the Earth and the orbiter. It will also bring the first helicopter to Mars.

The orbital insertion of Hope will make the U.A.E. the fifth entity to reach Mars, following the U.S., the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency, and India. The orbiter will study the atmosphere of Mars. China’s Tianwen-1 will enter orbit just one day later, making that nation the sixth to reach the red planet. Like Perseverance, Tianwen-1 consists of an orbiter and a lander with a rover, which is equipped with cameras, sensors, and a surface-penetrating radar.

In the future, mankind’s goals in space will expand to include a family of Earth-orbiting space stations, radical improvements in bringing payloads into orbit, mining helium-3 on the Moon as a fusion-fuel, nuclear powered rockets, and a science colony on Mars. As LaRouche wrote in 1996: “The universe is heavily populated with astrophysical anomalies which we know to exist, but want the means to examine in a more efficient way…. The number of new fundamental discoveries awaiting mankind from even the preliminary next steps toward Mars colonization is awesomely large: these anomalies alone would assure us of numerous major scientific breakthroughs in the practice of science on Earth.”

We will have to work hard to achieve these goals! Ensuring a global development of infrastructure of both the hard (transportation, electricity, water, sanitation, hospitals) and soft (education, health workers, scientific institutions) varieties means a commitment to overthrowing the rotten imperial paradigm of finance and population reduction that pollutes so many of the minds and institutions of the trans-Atlantic world. Arguably the most destructive mental pollution requiring emergency remediation is the Green ideology that sees human action and development as an unnatural despoiling of the pre-human (and therefore “perfect”) state of nature. The ability to enforce this ideology on a world scale has major problems in the independence of the nations of Russia and China, and the meteoric growth of the latter country—growth which it is exporting through its Belt and Road Initiative.

To prevent the potential of the United States adopting a mission of growth, and of collaborating with other major powers, the campaign of vilification of Russia and China as some combination of authoritarian, “malign” (a word that has lost any meaning), or seeking to develop their own empires, has reached a new level of directly targeting Presidents Putin and Xi for regime-change operations, as through the case of Alexey Navalny.

It is the British Empire which has created and pushed these green and geopolitical myths, and it is that empire that will be defeated by exposing the murderous truth of the Great Reset / Green New Deal, and by revealing the incredible future that can be ours if we turn our eyes and thoughts upwards, to the stars.

As we look forward to good news from Mars this month, we can also look forward to powerful intelligence from EIR and The LaRouche Organization to defeat the Green pollution that threatens to drag us down to the dirt.