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Time to End the Corruption of the ’Party System’

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TLO—The U.S. government is in crisis, its people divided into increasingly polarized camps, while the financial and corporate oligarchy is taking advantage of the chaos to push its plan for a "Great Reset"—a global banker’s dictatorship—and a deadly "Green New Deal." With neocons and War Hawks controlling the strategic policy of both parties, and neoliberals running financial and economic policy, there is only one solution, presented in September 2012 by Lyndon LaRouche: End the "Party System", confronting our citizens with their responsibility "for being accountable for what government is, and what it becomes," under our Constitution.
LaRouche’s speech can be found at: The Power To Do Good: Mankind Has a Special Destiny in the Universe as We Know It, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (Sep 9, 2012).