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Call For Action To Address World Health Care Crisis

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SI—The Schiller Institute has launched a mobilization to insure that when the Global Health Summit opens in Rome on May 21, attendees will have been confronted by the call for establishing world-class health care capabilities in every nation. A statement on this is available on the Schiller Institute website. As the pandemic tragedy unfolds in India, it is evident that failure to act on this is deadly, and not just for the people of India. Similarly, the Biden administration policy of a hands-off approach to Netanyahu’s war crimes against Palestinians cries out for action. The confluence of crises we face is the result of the breakdown of the system, strategically, economically and morally. Join with us to organize for solutions, at a moment when too many react with angry resentment or worse, resignation and submission.

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Global Health Security Requires Medical Infrastructure in Every Country—Major Industrial Nations Must Collaborate Now!