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Are the Common Aims for Mankind Attainable?

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As a young man, Lyndon LaRouche saw up close the horrors of British colonialism in the suppression of the rebellion against the Empire in post World War II India. Franklin Roosevelt’s intent was to direct U.S. policy after the war to support the Common Aims for Mankind — this intent was hijacked, after his untimely death, by the Empire’s Winston Churchill, who instead launched a Cold War, including the threat of nuclear annihilation under the doctrine of Mutual and Assured Destruction. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the imperial oligarchs enforced a new design for the empire, promoted by George H.W. Bush as the New World Economic Order.

Under this umbrella, we have had endless wars, a series of economic bubbles followed by crashes, the spread of famine and the related emergence of pandemic disease. Today, those oligarchical interests are pushing for a banker’s dictatorship called the Great Reset, and a Malthusian genocidal Green New Deal. We must instead launch a New Paradigm capable of realizing the Common Aims for Mankind.