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Flicker of Sanity—Biden-Putin Summit Must Spark Global Shift

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EIRNS—It is very easy to lose sight of any path forward in the existential crisis facing mankind today, especially when viewed from within the trans-Atlantic region: the financial bubble in the banking system—literally quadrillions of dollars of speculative paper, already threatening a hyperinflation which could wipe out everyone’s savings; a government issuing daily war cries against the nuclear-armed Russia and China; the insane Green New Deal already shutting down the real economy based on a scientific fraud; a pandemic which is expanding globally; and a social crisis fueled by drugs, violence, and perversity.

But that is not the global reality. In fact, another paradigm is in place, and rapidly expanding around the world, and is showing signs of emerging within the U.S. and Europe, in spite of the extreme danger—or perhaps because of the extreme danger. China’s Belt and Road is hated and demonized by the Anglo-American financial oligarchy precisely because it offers the world an alternative to the Malthusian genocide of war, pandemics, and “green finance”—and nations in Asia, Africa, and Ibero-America are seizing that alternative. When the U.S. State Department warns them that accepting vaccines from China and Russia is a malign attempt to destroy democracy, they simply wonder what has driven the State Department mad.

The 11 days of mass murder in Gaza this month have created a backlash in the U.S. and Europe. Mass demonstrations against the slaughter have been joined by many non-Palestinians, including many Israeli and American Jews, who are sickened by the constant harping about human rights violations around the world while offering uncritical support for the apartheid state created by the right-wing leaders in Israel. It is important to recall that the Netanyahu leadership dates back to the pro-Hitler Vladimir Jabotinsky’s “Revisionist Zionism” in Britain. (Benjamin Netanyahu’s father Benzion Netanyahu was Jabotinsky’s personal secretary, while David Ben-Gurion labeled Jabotinsky “Vladimir Hitler”). It is equally important to recall that the British imperial lords who created the state of Israel, without providing for a Palestinian state, also created Hamas in the 1980s, when it was useful to have a religious-based radical Palestinian organization to oppose the secular Palestine Liberation Organization of Yasser Arafat. And, of course, when President Arafat and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin launched a peace process together, the Jabotinskyites had Rabin assassinated.

Lyndon LaRouche, throughout his life, identified the manufactured “unresolvable conflict” between Jews and Arabs in Palestine as central to the British imperial division of the entire world into conflicting blocs. But, he insisted, there is a solution—Peace Through Development. He devised an “Oasis Plan” for the development of the region after meetings with Arabs and Israelis in 1975. Several iterations of the plan over the years led to the publication of the Schiller Institute report “Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa” in 2017.

In fact, this is a paradigm for the solution to the global crisis now threatening mankind. The Committee on the Coincidence of Opposites co-founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in June 2020, is predicated on the principle of coincidentia oppositorum, developed by the 15th-century genius Nicholas of Cusa: when differences based on ideological, ethnic, religious, national, territorial or any other basis, provoke a crisis, the discussion can, and must, be lifted to a higher level of thought, based on the common creative powers unique to all human beings, and the common aims of mankind derived from their unique capacity to participate in God’s continuing creation of the universe.

Impossible? Cusa created a Renaissance in Europe based on that principle, overcoming the Dark Ages of war and plague. Zhu Xi created a Renaissance in China in the 12th century based on precisely the same principle, as did the creators of the Islamic Renaissance in the Baghdad Caliphate beginning in the 8th and 9th century. Are we not human beings, capable of creating a future worthy of the dignity of man?

It has been announced that Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will meet in Geneva on June 16. The Kremlin states that the meeting will address the “further development” of U.S.-Russia relations, as well as cooperation in fighting the pandemic and resolving “regional conflicts.” The White House states that the meeting aims to “restore predictability and stability” to the relationship. A White House statement following the meeting of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, on May 24, said the sides “expressed confidence that mutually acceptable solutions could be found in a number of areas,” and “agreed that a normalization of U.S.-Russian relations would be in the interest of both countries and contribute to global predictability and stability.” The Kremlin statement was quite the same.

Will this lead to a new paradigm of peace and cooperation, rather than war? Will the same process take place between the U.S. and China? We can only be certain that the British Empire and its war-mongering assets within the U.S., in both parties, and in the intelligence community and the media, will take drastic actions to prevent such a result. But the momentum in a positive direction is there, and has been significantly affected by the LaRouche movement over the past decades, and especially by the international Schiller Institute conferences held in March and May. It is not a time for speculation or predictions of success or failure. It is time for all of us to build a Renaissance.