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Global Banksters Issue Orders in G7 Communique — Who Will Obey These Orders?

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The G7 summit followed through with most of the plan composed by the City of London/Wall Street bankers and their allies among the Davos billionaires, adopting a Green agenda which will harm, if not eliminate, human life on the planet, and a call for increased economic warfare against China. While there was some hesitation in adopting the most extreme language pushed by host Boris Johnson and his new buddy, Joe Biden, it is expected that this will be reinforced when NATO heads-of-state meet today in Brussels, to discuss transforming NATO into a global alliance, i.e., into the "Indo-Pacific" region, to "contain" China, which is accused of violating the sacrosanct Rules-Based Order. But the Green New Deal took a hit, with voters in Switzerland rejecting a referendum which would have mandated Swiss adoption of the extreme energy austerity demands of the G7 communique, and support for the Green Party in Germany has fallen sharply in the last weeks.