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Panel 3 : Weimar Germany 1923 Comes Again : Global Glass-Steagall To End Hyperinflation

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Panel 2 : The Real Science Behind Climate Change : Why the World Needs Seven More Terawatts of Energy

Panel 1 — Whom the Gods Would Destroy : War With Russia and China Is Worse Than MAD !

Weimar Germany 1923 Comes Again : Global Glass-Steagall To End Hyperinflation

Moderator : Harley Schlanger (U.S.), The Schiller Institute

Jacques Cheminade (France), President, Solidarite et Progres, former Presidential candidate : “Why the Challenge of Public Health, Education and Food Policy Are a One”

Paul Gallagher (U.S.), Editorial Board, Executive intelligence Review (EIR) : “The Central Banks’ Regime Change and the Great Reset”

Dennis Small (U.S.), Ibero-American Editor, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) : “Double or Nothing : The LaRouche Program for Mankind’s Durable Survival”
State Senator Mike Thompson (U.S.-Kansas), Chairman of Senate Utilities Committee : “How Americans Are Herded Into ‘Green’ Energy, by Weaponized, Politicized, Monetized Science”

Mike Callicrate (U.S. – Kansas), Cattleman, Founder of Ranch Foods Direct, Policy Advocate, Operator of Mike’s “No Bull” Blog : “The State of U.S. Ag and Solutions”

Daisuke Kotegawa (Japan), Former Official, Ministry of Finance, Japan ; former Director for Japan at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) : “Valuable Lessons on the Financial Crisis from Experiences in Japan”

Marc Gabriel Draghi (France), Economist, Jurist and Author : “Hyperinflation : A Step of the Great Reset to Destroy Our Freedoms”

Pedro Rubio (Colombia), President of the Association of Officials of the General Accounting Office of the Republic : “COVID and Economic Austerity Are Devastating Colombia”

Question and Answer Session